Hopeless at drifting need help!

Hi all, I’m being a bit cheeky really, I need to get the coop drift challenge on Storm Island in the corvette. Trouble is I just can’t drift! In the coop challenge I normally get 4 or 5. I’ve been working on the coop bucket list with a friend who also needs this, he’s better than me at drifting but we’ve got no chance of getting this together.
I’m in the uk and happy to return the favour if you need help in the game.
If anyone has a bit of free time and is happy to help a useless drifter please let me know. Thank you :slight_smile:

The problem with that coop taks/solo bucketlist item is the combination of car and the track surface… The corvette zr1 is rubbish on gravel.
I got it last night after numerous tries but only with leaving it in 3rd gear, ebrake the h### out of it and hoping it would not lock or spin out. 1st and 2nd gear are useless and will keep spinning you arround.
Normal drifts dont count, you need atleast a great one or an ultimate (counts 3x).

But due to being an bucketlist event i doubt you can alter anything, so tuning or grip up the corvette is sadly not an option.

I wonder though if the gravel track is to be driven, the highway is a few meters back. If only X drifts counts, why not head the other way and use the tarmac of the highway, worth a shot. The corvette should handle better on tarmac. On the gravel track I would be fine pulling the 10 needed drifts after several tries, but i highly doubt i wil get to 15 to get to a score of 20 (timeframe is too short).

The only one i encountered so far where, X ammounts of points and get to the end marker was an explicit target, was one of the porsche ones (911 gt turbo s?). Was like get 75K points and the description forgot to mention that you also had to reach the end marker. In others so far only destination or achieve X score was enough to get it.

I am also wondering if there is a difference in the solo or coop challenges. In coop the mini was doable, but in solo it is atleast 5x harder to get within the time limit.

Well at least we now know you only need 16 in coop! Time to practice me thinks :frowning:

Thanks to the very kind Gentalman who has also replied to this post we have both competed this, we’ve worked on many achievements together and I honestly thought I was going to let him down which is why I asked on here for help. But although i only managed 4 he pulled us through and got it! Camaraderie on her is getting low but there are a few of us about willing to help each other. Happy new year all and hopefully a few more of us work together to help eachother???