Hoonigan RS200

Looking to buy as never any on AH.

Anyone wanting to swap or sell?

welcome to the club

If you have 30 minutes to kill, you can continually spam search the AH and find a Hoonigan RS200. I do it while riding an exercise bike 30 minutes at a time and can grab stuff even playing over laggy wifi on an tablet. It just takes persistence, patience, and luck. The hard part is not getting into such a routine that you mindlessly press the buttons and end up realizing something got posted after you already pressed B to go back to the search window.

A, wait, (yes? Y, Down, spam A) (no? B, spam A, check again). Repeat.

After developing the muscle memory, the hard part is not zoning out. RS200 Hoonigans come up pretty often. I’ve spent way more time searching for a Maserati Levante than I did for a cheap RS200, Trueno, SL280, 906 '66, the 70s Escort, and '03 Clio combined. This month three of those super rare cars are coming back and the SL280 just got added to the backstage pass list. Other than PO cars, I’m only missing the Levante. I’d gladly pay 250 million for it. I’ve seen a Levante once but I was zoned out and by the time I searched again it was gone.

New or very casual players may unwittingly sell new, soon to be rare cars for 138,000 credits or whatever the minimum buyout happens to be. But I believe people posting super rare cars that came out a year or two ago for minimum buyout are either developers, cheaters making pre-arranged sales for real world money, or people trying to transfer cars to friends or new accounts. Catching these kinds of transactions takes luck and persistence. You’re also competing against people on PC running macros or scripts and reporting them doesn’t do anything. Just check the people selling multiple Ferrari Superfasts or Ford Capri FEs. They are definitely cheating because those don’t get posted often enough to have that many legitimately.

I guess my point is you can definitely get the Hoonigan RS200 with persistence. It’s been released multiple times and doesn’t have a low max buyout like the 906 '66 does, for example. There are other cars that are harder to find. If you’ve already got those, you’re ahead of a lot of people.

Good luck!