Homologation and Rivals in Next Forza Motorsport


I saw on reddit some people were salty about FMS7’s homologation. They were mad about races not being open other than a specific performance index cap for the race.

I guess I’m the only person that likes(ed) FMS7.

In response to the “if I wanted strict division racing. I’d play higher fidelity racing sims…”. In my case, no other games on xbox or PC have a large selection of my favorite cars(which FMS7 does).

IMO the homologation is nice when I want to take a Shelby GT350R or Camaro ZL1 and do a rivals time attack with it. In FMS7 unless its a special event or monthly event, Rivals Class Time Attack has a class based PI cap, but other than that it’s open to any division, make, or model that fits in under the PI Cap for the class. For me this is frustrating because in the Rivals Class A Time Attack(PI=A700) I might be racing an A700 GT350R, then advance til I can’t anymore and I’m getting wrecked by an A700 Willys Jeep.

IDK what kind of game modes the next gen Forza Motorsport will have. If it does have Rivals Time Attack though, IMO it’d be cool to have both Rivals Class Time Attack that are open to whatever as along as it fits within the PI for the class, and additionally have the Rivals Divisional Time Attack every division of cars that is more closely regulated as far as room for improving the PI/tires/power/decreasing weight/etc.

Seems I’m an outlier in regard to anything though


I don’t usually praise FM4, but two things I think it got right are:

  1. It had a number of racing series with interesting restrictions. Drivetrain, number of cylinders, make, type, etc. Homologated classes should certainly be among those, but I’d like to see that variety return.

  2. It had the option to turn off restrictions in Career. Sometimes you want to tick the boxes while doing your own thing.

Homologation is fine for online, but its cancerous for offline, especially if you’re like me, and prefer your cars completely stock.


In addition to this, I also enjoyed trying to see how much below the suggested class and PI I could go and still win. Can’t do that with homologation.

I thought the Homologation in FM7 was good. There were some open series to choose from in career that were class-based.

I don’t like the idea of totally turning off homologation in career, but potentially it could be adjustable, like you could choose high-HP or low-HP, high-DF or low-DF, etc. Maybe you couldn’t choose every option, but there would be some knobs to adjust, like how you see governing bodies in real-life motorsport play around with parameters like that to get better racing.

I play offline and really didn’t like the homologation in FM7, I like to choose my own upgrades to stay within the PI cap, typically I would focus on handling and leave the motor stock.

I liked homologation, but I would have liked the class system of previous games as well. For example two championships for ascending PI groups as you went through the single player mode. For example the lowest level you would do a 5 round season in E and D classes, then the next you would do C and B etc.

It would have been a fairly simple matter to put in while also extending the single player portion of the game. The 360 games had a huge selection of single player series. If done this way it would be a much better way of unlocking cars than they did in 7.

I liked the idea of homologation, but felt it was incomplete. No restrictions on weight, minimum horsepower, the only mandated upgrades were tire compound and width, cars with noticeably lower starting PI could have all the tunable upgrades while those near the limit were only allowed a few or none at all, and some divisions grouped cars that should’verbena in separate divisions. But my biggest, and probably most controversial, opinion is that the homoligated builds were not the only allowed builds. The PI system is nice, but it’s outdated. I know that, realistically, it’s near impossible to balance all the cars in a division, particularly the bigger ones, for every single track in the game, but it should be close enough so the slowest car isn’t more than a second off the fastest car for most of the tracks.