Class E-X Rivals Yet?

I purchased FM7 Ultimate at launch and refunded it due to a number of things. The thing preventing me from rebuying it is whether or not class A-X rivals have been put back into the game or not?

So, have they?

Also, for the people who will inevitably jump in here and tell me how great homologation is. I’m not asking if homologation has been removed (I like it), but if class rivals have been restored to FM6 levels.

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They only said yesterday it is coming back but they did not say when. Today’s week in review and ForzaFriday stream will probably have more info.

Recap of what they said yesterday

“Based on community feedback, the team is also introducing Time Attack back into Forza Motorsport 7, with every track, ribbon and class having a time attack associated with it.”

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This is good news,hotlapping in rivals again just like the old days,also a couple more free car packs for car pass owners is a thumbs up too.

Thanks for the information. Better late than never I guess!

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as topic, when T10 can you please let the community know.

I think they’ll implement it along with the update that changes the track limits and makes them more visible, which probably wont happen in August due to them releasing the drift update with the Formula Drift cars and updated drift physics and tuning capabilities.

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I hope we can have both the drift and rivals features with the August update.

You buy a game, you don’t like that a feature is missing you liked from a previous version…you’re not entitled to a refund. The game is not broken. Take responsibility for your actions. What is wrong with the world these days?

You are entitled to a refund in certain parts of the world, Microsoft offers “Self-Service Refunds” and they can very much afford it. What they can’t afford is a disappointed fan base that feels robbed of an essential part of pretty much any racing game. Suddenly removing time trial from a game that lives from tuning cars and spending hours on tracks to shave off time is just… weird. It just kills every reason to play the game for some people out there. Many don’t play online or want something more / different than the campaign. And it’s possible to have that “feature” as you call it even within the bounds homologation (apparently).
Afaik it wasn’t stated before release that Forza 7 will suddenly be missing this. So “Take responsibilty for your actions.” is a silly thing to say and makes you sound like a non empathic internet aggressor.

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For the record, I never stated that FM7 was broken. It was though, and not just in this way. I’m also happy to see that Turn10 has unlocked nearly all the locked cars and finally made good on their original claim of “over 700 cars”. While the issue of locked cars is not one that would have kept me from rebuying, I certainly noticed it.

And as far as “these days” goes, I’ve played racing games since, well, Pole Position, and FM7 is the first video game I’ve ever refunded. I did so simply because it was not a Forza Motorsport title in my opinion (and I’ve played all of them). That’s just my opinion, but I’d also like to point out that nowhere in the marketing material did Turn10 state that FM7 would be missing core features that the series was known for. I would certainly agree with you in terms of my responsibility if the game was not titled as the 7th in a series, but considering it is titled FM 7, I believe the responsibility here is on Turn10 to deliver a Forza product, not a huge shift away from what the series has been known for. Recognizing that you have an opinion as well, why did you post on this thread? Just to argue?

Turns out I was entitled to a refund. I did take responsibility and got my refund for a game titled Forza 7, not 1.

Still waiting on the class Rivals to come back before I rebuy, but I’m very happy to see that Turn10 has realized they need to put this essential feature, and mainstay of the series, back in. Hopefully it won’t be too long until they do.

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Uh… yes you are. I got a refund when the game first came out and I stated because of missing features, or features that had been changed.

Got a $100 refund. No questions asked. Bought the game later when they sorted out the VIP thing.

And speaking of the game being broken; yes it is. Performance-wise. Most of it fixed, but it’s still rough around the edges.

Yes pleeeeeeeeze.

For many peeps this us what Forza was.

Take any car… upgrade it 1 or 2 classes, and drive it on your fave tracks, and set times.

Rinse and repeat for 200 hours.

If you hate multiplayer and being forced to drive trucks on tracks you hate, this is all that is worth doing.

But I want to take an old car - like a BMW 2002 - tune it to S Class class and get in the Top 1 percent on Bathurst.

How hard can it be ?

Just driving your favourite cars on your favourite tracks, and tuning them for speed or handling… simple and elegant.

I will be glad to see it again… but I am totally flumoxed as to why it will taken a year to be included.

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Flummoxed, you don’t hear that every day. Kudos!

Lol… it’s also the sound my belly makes as I slump behind my wheel for another dull career challenge :smiley:

Can’t come quick enough for me. I loved the feature and it extends the game’s length by a long way. I recently decided, after many years of Forza, to try drifting and was surprised to find there is no leader boards at all for that either. Time trials are essential to any racing game - in my humble opinion. I have almost 900 cars and no leader boards other than homologated. This leaves many cars much short of full potential and pretty useless in the same homologated groups. Class based, car based and drift based scoreboards really shouldn’t be too difficult to implement. With so many cars and tracks the game’s potential is vast compared to the current system. Imagine having almost 900 cars to set times in around Nordschliefe alone! I have raced twice online in Forza 7 and was wrecked twice. I now race only ghosts and in the leagues i race ghosts only too for the same reason - even at the higher levels people just use you as brakes. Time trials based on cars, classes and groups make a lot of improvements for people who no longer race in online lobbies. Bring it out now please!

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And this!lol

I am waiting for it. My first operation on start of FM7 is to see rivals menu.

Any idea on when Time Attack is available? Or if it’s out, where to access it? I know it sounds cheesy but it’s the one feature I’ve always done against friends times and it’s the most absolute fun I have with Forza. Can’t find any recent information anywhere out there to say when to expect it. Thanks.