Holyrood, a driver's course if there ever was one

Wherever FH5 takes us in the world, one of these days, I hope they build another course like Holyrood. That is a driver’s course. My absolute favorite. Interesting enough to keep your attention for longer races, plenty of passing opportunities if you’re swift and agile. And, happily, also the most lucrative.

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Holyrood circuit? I always skip it, good to hear it has at least one fan though I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

So, is there anything you don’t skip? :stuck_out_tongue:

@holyrood - Yeah, it is nice. Gives me Laguna Seca vibes. Only part I don’t like is that first corner where you have to use grass.

A few things :stuck_out_tongue:

I just look at it from the point of view of ranked online play and for that I don’t like it. I forget people like racing round and round against the braindead AI to get credits which the game throws at you whatever you do anyway. (While waiting for online lobbies I buy expensive cars new and sell them for the minimum on the auction house sometimes.)

I’ve set up 12-lap courses there for several of the classic car types, and for the open-wheel vintage racers. Lots of money in those races, especially with the VIP pass. A 12-lap win at Unbeatable is worth over 125K.

Astmoor Heritage is where I start out my tuning on a new car - I’ve probably turned hundreds of laps there - and then polish up the tune at Holyrood. I also like Greenwood club circuit and Lakehurst copse circuit for racing. Both of them have really nice rhythm. I like to race them in D or C class cars; at that pace it’s almost like slow-motion ballet.


how do you say rood

iz it road

iz it rude

Holyrood, Greendale and Astmoor Heritage are probably my favorite road routes. The Festival and Ambleside circuits are fun for low class cars as well. The others are largely forgettable or do silly things like water crossings that have no place in a road circuit.

/begin rant
On that topic, this is the second game in a row where the devs botched the Goliath circuit by including offroad portions. Thankfully FH4 not as badly as FH3 (I’m still baffled by that beach segment when there’s a perfectly good road up on the bluff), but it still is hugely immersion breaking to have a route that should be ideal for the S2 beasts, only to have segments that are entirely inappropriate for those cars. /end rant

Goliath has a puddle across the track, that’s not offroad, it happens a lot in England.

Maybe I just can’t think of H4 Goliath right now, but I can’t think of any off-road points in it. From Ambleside up the mountain pass, across the map to Edinburgh, down the coast roads to Ashbrook, around the festival back to Tarn Hows. Where does it go off road?

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There’s a water crossing up in the north-west portion of the map. It’s pretty small compared to the beach run in FH3, but still a puzzling thing to include on a road circuit, seems like the kind of stuff that should be reserved for dirt (i.e. rallycross). At least its not as bad as that one “bridge” at the top of the dam that other road circuits go through.

It’s usually not an issue but it tends to hurt light RWD cars.

Winter Goliath, though, the northern part of the map is all snow, which counts as offroad, I guess.

You just have to find your inner cannonball :slight_smile: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxdpKopak8o


@ritemare - it’s pronounced holly-rude


@FullNietzsche, you buy expensive cars for full price and sell them at the minimum? Too much money on your hands?

Yeah I reached the max so unless you spend some, it doesn’t go up any more when you win more from events and spins.

Same with the skill points, sometimes I’ve bought a Supra, filled in all the perks except for the super wheelspin and sold it for the minimum, I imagine someone being delighted the super wheelspin is still there and easy to get (maybe they don’t care but I like to think I made someone happy :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Marathon and Colossus are the only viable tracks for the Rwd balance. Rest of the tracks just promote Awd swap spam.

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One of the best courses in the game. Fast and technical. I find it amusing that it gets so much hate.

Agree, i do it every couple of weeks just because it so damn good using different cars and various classes.

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I can’t say I’m really fan of that circuit, but to each their own.
Good thing, we have plenty of tracks to choose from, or we can even make them :slight_smile: