Highty critical fix - please remove the apostrophes

I know there are some much bigger fixes out there, but these grammatical errors are driving me nuts!

As a professional linguist and major grammar perfectionist, the apostrophe doesn’t bother me. I was actually more bothered by the use if the word critical in the thread name as in software issues more often means important rather than your intended meaning of nitpicky. :grinning:

The apostrophe has been around forever and will probably be there for future versions of the game.

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I no what you mean! There are so manys grammer and spelling mistakes. Does they even tries?


Now that reply was painful. :sweat_smile:

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To be honest the only thing that bothers me is how they missed “0.” after the ‘H’ in “FH5”

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While we’re on this it bugs me when I see spelling mistakes, such as ‘Fast Traveling to Destination’ immediately followed by ‘Fast Travelling other Players’… it might be the other way round but please decide how many L’s there are in travelling lol


Being an American in a Commonwealth country, I’m so used to seeing both US and British spelling that I didn’t even notice.


Agreed, there’s no excuse for typos in a game these days.

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I didn’t even know that it was a grammatical mistake.

An English teacher would say it is incorrect, but it is so commonly used that as a field linguist, I’d say that both are commonly used spelling variations and either is acceptable.

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Well If you’re using all capitals you would have to do that, so the mistake may be in the English Language itself. You don’t have to agree with everything your teachers’ say. Before computers were around we wouldn’t use all capitals, but some computer signs look better all capitals.

I totally agree, and I’d have no issue with either the UK or US spelling, just don’t use both (especially immediately after each other)!

the font is all-caps, makes no sense to make the S blend together when it’s not a part of the acronyms.