Hey! What's wrong with the replays saved from DVR?

Looks like turn10 couldn’t manage to resolve this issue: The game runs at 60fps, the DVR records at 30fps and you can’t have a decent record replay without many frames skipped.

Waiting for someone to help resolve this problem.

It’s nothing to do with Turn10. You said it yourself. The game runs at 60fps and the DVR records at 30fps. There lies your problem. I don’t really see anything they can do about it. The DVR is console software. Games have absolutely no controk over it.

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The DVR records at 30fps 720p because it’d take too much space and it’s too much data for the HDD to write at the speed it comes in.

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Anyone already knows how to manage it? Isn’t Turn10 a Microsoft company that should pay attention to this issue?

It’s not an issue, it’s a limitation.

Youve had an answer and explanation, if this is something you would like to see changed then you would have to contact xbox and the developers of the DVR.