Xbox One X - Replays are still 30fps ??

I was kinda shocked to see this after doing a nice rival race in Dubai, running at 4K/60 on the new X, only to be jarred by the replay, clearly not running at 60 fps. This can’t be changed? or patched?

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I’d like to see a 1080/60 option for Replays, like what I can get in Gran Turismo Sport.


Yes that would be great. They could take some lessons from GTS in terms of camera cuts/positioning. (not to mention showrooms)

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From what I’ve seen others posting around here about the replays … it was a conscious and intended decision for replays to be 30fps … not a bug or a problem. Don’t know if that’s actually the case or not … but I’ve seen several people stating that.

The reasoning is simple: they prioritised resolution over framerate.

I prefer 60fps but I’m sure there are many that would rather the 4K.

Also, I forgot to mention that GT Sport allows you to choose between framerate and resolution. Best of both worlds.

Is normal during the replays the game consume a lot more resources. Only on PC having a 1070 GTX + you can get 4k and 60 fps in game/replays