Here's to hoping that glitch tunes no longer work in FH5

Nothing quite takes the fun out of highway drag racing than a cheater. Fortunately easy to spot as the nose of their car ridiculously lifts up, but I don’t always want to pull off the highway and come back later, when I’m in the mood for some highway runs.

So my dream is that glitch tunes don’t work in FH5, or they make the game crash for those using them lol.

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Yeah, I guess that this will not happen anymore. The car tuning was remade from scratch for Horizon 5, so I think that they took care of most of those mistakes, and now they’re being more careful about glitches and bugs on car tunes.

Did they say car tuning was re-made? That sounds suspect as the tuning looks identical to all the tuning i have seen in every forza title.

Maybe motorsport has been rebuilding but not horizon.

Maybe they kept the interface similar to before?

I’m sure the hackers will create, and get away with, all sorts of cheats in fh5. I can’t wait to lose against speed hackers, certainly makes me want to drop $100 on the game.