Help, Xbox Ferari 458 Wheel not working properly

So I play on PC, but I use an xbox wheel, it is all still compatible. I am using a Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia racing wheel (not the spider version), and my wheel has begun playing up. In game, when I near the center, my wheel input seems to jump around, yet i am holding it completely still. It will not center unless I return it to the center and wait about 15 seconds. It will jump from one side of the axis to another. I have cleaned the steering potentiometer with methylated spirits, let it dry and put it back it, the wiring all appears to be absolutely fine, I have checked the circuit board and underneath to make sure it is not shorting, it isn’t. I got the wheel about half a year ago, so it hasn’t had lot of miles put on it, though I do use it quite a bit. It is only just bearably functional, but having no real fine steering in the middle and instead it just jerking all over the place really eliminates the need to use a wheel. The USB cable doesn’t have any kinks in it and the connector from xbox 360 thingo to usb is clean. What could possibly be the problem??

Did you ever find a resolution? I have the exact same problem. Not used much at all and it’s acting crazy. Steers to the left constantly and have to manually center like you stated. I believe the pot is bad but can’t find one that looks like it. I have to pull mine back apart to get the pot numbers off the pot, sadly it’s not a standard pot shape, and I haven’t used my Multimeter to check the ohms of it yet.