Help with Hyperspace Express championship

Spring seasonal championship(street scene). No matter what difficulty I turn to, I always finish in 6-8 position. I mean, how on earth is that possible? On Expert level, I finish in he same position as in New Racer level…did the bots break or something? Because I am not seeing a shred of difference between difficulties while playing this one. I am generally bad at the game but with enough rewinds, even I can win against bots, unbeatable included. What is going on here though?

I know the seasonal requirement starts on Average level but I can’t do a darn thing on any level. How am I supposed to do this? I am extremely frustrated. I always go without assists and use rewind.

D500 street I assume, well, I just tested the start of the first race with a datsun 510 tuned ( search tune D class, In the few first top download there is a D500 Street tune ).

Let’s be clear, I don’t make fun of you because you are having difficulties, I don’t know of how many hours you have on the game and just want to help. For a reference, By the big full right turn I was second, then passed the first being on unbeatable settings and I think some fellows will make fun of me I was not first at the turn.

Now there is a trick here that is that the lower the class is, the more automatic clutch slows you down like hell. Going in manual makes a huge difference as improved acceleration allows you to pass them at the very beginning of the race ( they tend to be slower once behind which is a second tip) .

Hope it helps

[EDIT] just realized I picked wrong championship, sorry for out of subject

No…It’s s2 hypercars. That’s partly why I am having trouble. I am only used to B and lower.

Oh you got it wrong haha
btw I used a stock senna in that race and have full manual shift with clutch

Ok, just did the first race with centenario, tune 280 897 847. Even more than for other classes, avoid taking the outside of drivatars in turns even at the cost of pushing them to get inside, you will have much less risk of them ramming you on the outside of the turn. ( For the sake of avoiding trolls, pushing is acceptable to me here as applied to drivatars, not to be done on real players of course )

Good you use Manual with clutch, same as I, that’s the way!

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Looks like you only need to do it on highly skilled now, not expert.

Personally I’d use manual without clutch and benefit from the engine braking you can get by aggressive downshifting, but if he’s happy with MC then there’s no need to change just for this event.

Oh I see he was using a RWD car, no wonder he found it challenging. Particularly the Senna which I remember from using the other week is not very nice at stock.

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Agree, clutch on S2 is useless afaik, I stated good using MC having in mind the low classes cars he plays.

I am taking care to go inside the curve while passing them. Bus for some reason, even on new racer difficulty, most of them pass me at launch and then I only catch up one or two of them. I am not able to get close to them at all. I believe I am turning the right way(by spamming rewind and using methods I used in C class against unbeatable bots) but I am confused as to what’s going wrong in this race.
There’s the fact that I am not used to S2 but even so, this difference is too much.

Ok got it, after quick off discussion and I put the outcome here in case it can help others. You are currently trying to make it with S2 stock and all helps off. That is kind of the hard way to do it beginner or not. Let’s ease the thing.

Considering you want to use the mclaren Senna
1/ Go to festival, once you are in the festival, you will have the menu with 3 big tabs Autoshow/Garage/Auction house
2/ Pick Garage
3/ If you have not done it yet, go to my car and pick the senna then go back to garage menu
4/ click on Upgrades & tuning
5/ Find new tunes
6/ click on the button for search ( for xbox it’s 2 rectangles crossing, I guess it’s some letter on PC )
7/ on the share code line, enter 111 960 179 and launch search
8/ download and install the tune / buy
You are done, you’ve got a tuned S2 car

Now for the sake of testing, activate the helps before trying again to do the championship. once test done, you can come back to no helps which is the most performant mode is most situations afaik.

Hope it helps

[EDIT] Shared some Start Captures on my “TILO RC” xbox activity in case you need to have a look at what the start should look like.

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It is a very difficult race. I used Automatic, I don’t use rewinds, it took me 3 attempts on the first race. The other races I managed first go. But apart from it being a hard race the controllers do not respond instantly, there is a delay. The delay is worse in S2, because you are going so fast. The way I win is to turn way before I get to the bend, and skid into the checkpoints… you have to time it well, and if you time it too early you can still press the handbrake to skid a bit wider. That’s what you have to learn to do is skid into bends, and use the handbrake when you look like you have turned too soon.

S2 races with traffic are indeed quite challenging. I often need a couple of rewinds to find a way around the traffic. At 300+ km/h I find it impossible to evade in time.
Made the championship yesterday in an Veneno and actually switched down to professional.
But seriously, never take a stock car. If you want to take the Senna I can give you a tune (336 176 296). Awd, high grip, medium high aero. The high aero makes it a bit slow on long straights, but keeps it more stable in the corners.
Just tested it and made 1st place on unbeatable. Not an easy win, but a win nonetheless.

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Street race is the hardest of the different types of race in FH4. The AI is much faster on average than it is on road. Winning in a stock RWD car is tough.

To give some perspective, I tried Reservoir in a tuned S2998 Zonda C. Ran 2.02 (fairly messy with a couple of errors) with the best AI doing 2.09. I then tried it in a stock Senna and ran 2.09 with the best AI just behind also running 2.09. You’ve got to drive very well to do 2.09 in a stock Senna.

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Oh I see, I need to read the whole thread properly before commenting :stuck_out_tongue: Yes of course MC is needed (or very desirable at least) on the low class cars.

thanks for all the replies everyone. I’m gonna tune it and see what happens

Edit: phew the tuning helped a lot. After a dozen attempts, I finally blundered through the first race and finished first :slight_smile:
finished the second one by fluke because the bots hit a car and got into a pile-up xD
aaand got through the last one as well…ofc bots had an accident this time too

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Ok, too late to help. lol

I ran it in three different cars. The Italdesign which is the prize car, the Lamborghini Centenario, and then tuned the McLaren Senna for it.

All three won at Pro level, I don’t/can’t do Street at Unbeatable. The Italdesign was a little twitchy but pretty grippy. The Centenario was faster and smoother. The Senna was faster still on the first track, but slower on the second than the Lambo. About even on the last.

Now here’s the odd part, with the Italdesign and the Centenario, the AI ran around 2:09/2:10 lead car and 2 or 3 others. However whenever I ran the Senna, the AI was as quick as 2:04 with about 5 cars under 2:10. I ran it a few times, same thing each time. Since you only needed to run at Highly Skilled, those times will be slower of course, but I wasn’t aware that they’d gear up like that. In case you are thinking it is about matching PI, both the Lambo and the McLaren are S2 998 with the Italdesign being 996. Also, there was an Agera RS that was blazingly fast but couldn’t handle the turns. But it was enough to keep getting in my way at the beginning, very frustrating.

Anyway, if you’re curious:
2018 Italdesign Zerouno Tune: 128 473 218
2016 Lamborghini Centenario Tune: 130 276 980
2018 McLaren Senna Tune: 152 980 241

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Glad we could help Emp !

I experimented same with Agera, starting stupid fast, and slowing ages before turn, quite weird.

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Pro level appears to be identical speed to Unbeatable here Cake, so it seems you could just do unbeatable. I’ve ran Reservoir 5 times now:

Zonda C (tuned) - my time 2.02, lead AI 2.09
Senna (stock) - my time 2.09, lead AI 2.09
Zonda C (tuned) - my time 2.01, lead AI 2.10
Senna (tuned) - my time 2.01, lead AI time 2.10
Senna (tuned) - my time 2.01, lead AI time 2.04

I’ve noticed before that the AI tends to run different speeds for different cars. It must see a tuned Senna as particularly strong I think (the first tuned Senna run I did I think the lead AI cars may have hit a traffic car).


I see the OP has done it now, but FWIW, it can be done fine with a stock Centenario, the AI just adjust to the lower PI. I did it on Highly Skilled and won by 6-7 seconds each race.

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I´m not that good and won with a ´stock´ Lambo FE on pro level. But i needed alot of rewinds :wink:

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Why Pro level? The seasonal challenges are set at Highly Skilled level.

For the first time ever I managed to do all pr challenges plus offline championships in a season :slight_smile:
I had to do a bunch of unwanted upgrades and ruin a few cars though, like for speed zones and danger signs