New to FH4 - need help!

Hi there!

It’s my first FH game and i have two questions:

  • why do event markers on the map only tell you that you played this track once. Why doesn’t it tell you which rank you had?
  • how to complete seasonal races correctly, i’m a bit confused about them?!

Thanks in advance!

Little Push! I played some championship races, unfortunately i didn’t win but i would like to know what is the difference between normal events and the championships? Thx!

Championships are multiple races, usually 3 or 4 that are grouped together. It combines all your finishing positions to get your final position. Normal events are just one race, whatever type it is.

Unsure what you mean by completing a seasonal race “correctly”.

I agree the event markers aren’t very illustrative or helpful. However with the focus less on winning races, I suppose they didn’t want more info showing.

Ok, i understand. But is there a special kind of reward when winning championships? And i just mistaked the seasional races with the championships

The seasonal championships provide 3 reward tiers based on the difficulty you set the AI to. For a typical championship this seems to be:

  • Win against average difficulty and receive a bonus CR 5,000
  • Win against highly skilled difficulty and receive a wheelspin
  • Win against expert difficulty and receive a super wheelspin

Some other seasonals have different rules, such as the current super hot hatch championship which rewards a car for beating the AI on unbeatable difficulty. It shows you the prizes and requirements when you first start a championship, but you have to set the AI difficulty before the first race starts.

Theoretically you can do each championship thrice:

  • Solo
  • Coop
  • PvP

Each type has its own conditions and rewards.


  • Coop: usually involves winning against AI of “unbeatable” difficulty for the highest reward, without a club/friends you won’t find participants for that one
  • PvP: is more likely, but has a stupid twist. When the game doesn’t find a match it just stuffs you in any of the other PvP Championships with no option to quit or abort before the race has started.

If you really want to do the PvP Championship it’s highly recommended to have an upgraded car (beware type and class restrictions!) for all the seasonal championships, so you can compete in any the game will abduct you to…

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