Heavy Truck Purchasing

As I was playing I noticed a lot of different cars that would be awesome to drive, particularly dump trucks. That got me thinking, if I made this game, how would I improve it and make more people want to buy it, therefore, increasing the profit margin? If we were able to purchase tractors, dump trucks, box trucks, semi trucks, construction equipment, etc. You can add an optional part where you can do contracts to haul stuff around, buy fields and do farming where you either sell the grain to get money or do contract work on someone else’s land. Another possibility is to buy land, and do mining, either you sell what you mine to a person of your choosing or you contract out to other people and mine for them. You could even have that as a separate add-on for another $20 like the rally map. Okay, maybe no one would like to get them because they’re so slow. With every car there’s a tuning option and so why not with the add-on trucks, allow them to be tuned up so much that they’re able to do wheelies and allow those trucks, tuned up or not participate in races? In my opinion, if this is in fact executed it should all be bundled into one big pack, and with all the extra vehicles and practicality it’d draw in the people who want the comedic factor of racing in a normal race with a super jacked up semi, the practical people who want to do different contract work, it’d even draw in the people who like driving big trucks. This would hugely increase your profit margin from both new customers and current customers who want new add-ons and new cars.

Forza farming?

No thanks.

Plenty of specialist farming games out

you don’t have to farm but how fun would it be to have a 1500 horsepower dump truck.