Hdr calibration dolby vision

When I calibrate the screen via system settings and then go to the game, the game video settings show the Forza symbol in grey. I thought the system settings were supposed to stop you having to do in game calibration. Do I use the slider then in game to clear the symbol, or do I leave on default with the symbol visible??

Eh, this is more of a preference thing. I like mine to be juuuuuust visible as I don’t mind a bit of black crush. I currently have my brightness at 35 and hdr peak at 800 ( LG C1 here ). I also noticed that the series X hdr calibration app becomes completely unreliable in dolby vision. Imagine this’ll change as more games are graded in dolby vision, but for now it’s a bit of a crap shoot. Best to calibrate in HGiG then just turn DV on afterwards and not adjust anything.