Brightness Setting?

Evening all,

I was just wondering what brightness setting people are using for the Xbox 1 version, only I calibrated my TV for Forza 5 which looks really nice now but with FH2 I cannot get the setting right, it either means at night it doesn’t seem to actually get dark and in the day I end up with overly saturated colours! Just cannot seem to find the sweet spot. I know you are meant to adjust so the box with the number 1 in it is barely visible. I just cannot get it set right. (Worst thing was to give someone with slight OCD like me a damn slider!)


I have opted for the default in-game setting for my Samsung UN55F6300. That said, most advice I am aware of is to not calibrate your television’s input settings for one particular game, but to calibrate the television according to settings achieved by a professional with a display calibrator. If you calibrate your television according to a specific game - that is, Forza Motorsport 5 - it makes sense that your television will display other titles with less-than-desirable results.

Instead, look for calibration settings on the web for your particular display; then, adjust the sliders individually for each game to suit your need.

Thanks for the response, when I say I calibrated for Forza 5 what I actually did was calibrate the TV using the AVS HD REC 709 calibration disc and after using this FM5 looked great, perfect none crushed blacks etc. However in Forza Horizon left the TV settings the same and with the slider to set the brightness I just couldn’t get it looking right. Maybe as yourself I should just leave it on default. I have become quite obsessive since calibrating the TV properly maybe I am now over sensitive and should just chill out and enjoy the game!

Oh by the way I have a Samsung UE48H6240AK.