Having Steering Wheel issues with Logitech G29

Hi guys, I am having issue while playing Forza Horizon 5 with my Logitech G29. It became really weird to me since it is like moving 180 degrees left and returns back while driving or when I am standing still wheel is vibrating like I am in truck etc. etc. What do I need to do to fix that issue

What do you mean? Is it oscillation while going straight? Or does your steering drift?
If it’s oscillation, the settings Force Feedback Minimum Force and Steering Sensitivity affects this. Try lowering one or both.
Does disabling vibration or changing vibration scale affect your vibrations? Try lowering Road Feel Scale and Off-Road Feel scale and see if it affects it.
I use G29 and don’t experience those issues.

For instance when I try to go backwards its automatically steers right first and left afterwards. (It is like when you plug in your device to PC). I am new on these racing games so I have no idea these issues referring your solutions.

When you say automatic steers right and left. do you mean the force feedback? If it is force feedback, when the wheel auto turns, you should still be able counter it with your own arm strength. Try lowering the Force Feedback Scale setting.

When you first plug in the device or turn on the PC, the ‘auto steering’ is the device testing the wheel. It does a full 900 degrees travel. Is it the same full travel rotation when you reverse?

If it doesn’t travel 900 degrees, then it’s likely force feedback. Change to a different car and try, a lower class like C or D and try reversing and see if the effect becomes smaller. If it is force feedback, then it’s the car’s setup or tuning. When you’re reversing, you’re likely starting from a stationary position and if you accelerate too hard, the burnout may cause larger force feedback to steer the car sideways. This can be adjusted in differential tuning by lowering the acceleration.

If it is the full 900 degrees travel of the device, then there could be connection issue of your USB or the device could be faulty. The wheel does not repeat the test after the pc is turned on even when you turn off the electrical power and back on. It does that only when the device is disconnected from USB and reconnected again.