Have you guys received your whm gift cars yet? because I havent

No I haven’t and I submitted on March 20th

Haven’t received the reward yet. Finished the requirements on 3/20

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I was No. 1978 and i’ve yet to get my E Ray, what the heck is going on?

I got it but once I got it I already got one from the auction house :sweat_smile:

Submitted and DM’d on Mar. 20, 1026th entry out of 7003, radio silence so far. Still eagerly waiting for the prize to drop.

Has anyone participating later than me received the gift?

I got mine today, I was definetly later than you. Did you do everything correctly, I.E not just post but also DM max for what prize you wanted?

EDIT: i saw that you said you did, i would drop him a message to ask if they perhaphs overlooked it or something

Good to know the whole thing is not on back burner!
I think it has been done as per instruction. I did try to drop a reminder two weeks ago but nonresponse still.

These images you sent just now, are they replies to the big WHW event post? or to Max’s DMs ? As far as i recall you need to do both. Not just in the post :slight_smile:

Apologies I haven’t made it clear, screenies above are from DM with Max. In the original post I have had my game tag and photo’s share code attached.

Fair enough, It’s probably randomised to be honest, i’d give it one more day because they’re bulk sending individual messages. But if nothing after tomorrow then maybe send one last message. There’s thousands of messages to get through so just gotta be patient I guess haha

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:
And props to Max for going through 7k entries for the sake of the event

Finally redeemed on Apr. 17. Have fun, guys!

People saying they received the car yestarday, but I didn’t yet. I don’t know, I’m pretty sure I made all the steps correctly.

Didn’t expect a weekend delivery but anyway its finally added to my garage!

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Spanish player here, still haven’t recieved my ford gt opi ed…

If the car you asked for was the E-Ray and you haven’t received it yet, it’ll be added to the Autoshow for Series 33 :sweat_smile:

It’s a DLC car, you can’t have it.

sounds very funny of them…

I forgot about this. haha I never received my car and I was very early to post my photo. I followed the rules. What happened I wonder?

Some messages got lost just message max again and you’ll get it pretty quickly