Photo Challenge Reward

Has anyone got the car they requested after they sent in the photo for the monthly photo contest for International Women’s Month? If so what, what did you do to get it, I messaged the guy but am still waiting, hoping I didn’t do anything wrong and I just need to wait for the month to end?


It only took less than a day for me, but i entered very early. I think theres over 5k posts now so Max might be a bit swamped currently.

I would maybe follow up with him if its been more than a week?

Thanks! I posted a few days ago so it makes sense if he is running behind😅

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He must need some help with this one :scream::sweat: I entered after 2k so I will be patiently waiting! :grinning:

There were only about 20 or 30 posts in last month’s thread for Black History Month. Poor Max got swamped this time.

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How do i post my photo. I never posted before

Reply to his post (the WHM car contest one) With the pics ( the account for this website seems to be linked to our in game photos so i got them here., just downloaded to desktop then replied.) Dont forget to ad share code, I also put my car request and horn request in my reply but I’m pretty sure that’s meant to go in the personal message to Max.


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Hey so ive been checking everyday since thursday and still nothing, have all the rewards been sent out and i just did something wrong ??

Waiting on mine as well, looking at the bright side, just hoping he’s backed up

He has 7000 entrys to go thru…it will come

@T10ManteoMax sent a message saying it would be this week, somewhere in one thread or another, relax everyone, it’ll happen

I, for one, am looking forward to when everyone gets their reward and we will all stop seeing new posts created every day asking instead of reading the other previous posts.

BTW, I got my rewards long ago. Like, a couple days into WHM before the massive influx of submissions. So, again, CLEARLY the delay is of your own collective making. You created the bottleneck so you just have to wait.


hear, hear

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