Have 4 championships ready but cant play them because I need to buy million dollar cars......

All festivals are up to level 4 or 5 now so I’m pretty deep into game but like in topic I have 4 open and ready championships but I cant compete in them cuz I dont have one of a few cars they make you buy. They are all older retro cars but they want to charge from a millios to several million. Don’t have near that much. What to do? Should I just delete them? I have all car packs but none are the ones listed in buying for championships. Any answers???

Blueprint your own championships.


What I completely fail to understand is how someone can get all festivals to level 4-5 and not even having a few million credits on the side…


Easy thing to do is just blueprint the championship to something you own. The other option is if you have a Horizon Edition car that has an XP boost just do the Goliath race a couple times. It can be found on the beach in Byron Bay after you have upgraded it to level 5. With the XP boost car you will level up 5 or 6 times a race and the wheel spins usually give you credits, one or two races should get you enough to buy a million dollar car.

Poor money management skills. There were several times that I could not afford to buy cars that they give you a discount on when you upgrade a festival. Even now I have every festival fully upgraded and only have 400,000 cr. I was spending all of my extra credits on wheel spins trying to get Horizon Edition cars.

That right there is your main problem. Don’t get suckered into doing that. If you must gamble, set aside a budget for it, same as you would for a real casino. (I hope you would, anyway.)


This. I’ve got over $5mil…haven’t finished hardly anything yet. I have not once thought about buying a wheel spin, as they are too easy to earn in game. Blueprinting your own championship is the way to go anyway. I care less about Group B Monsters, Retro Hatch, Hot Hatch, blah blah…

Hit the auction house and make some credits, or do some laps of goliath. Honestly, it isn’t hard to get credits in this game. About an hour worth of goliath will net you well over a million credits between the wheelspins and credits.

You don’t need to buy them. You can complete every exhibition and championship with a single car if you wanted to.


This right here. You don’t need to budget and can spend CR how ever you want. Spin the wheel, buy 1000 Vauxhalls, it’s all good. Just use the blueprint to create those championships. It’s one of the best features to hit Forza games in a long time.

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No championship category has cars which are minimum 1M cr or over. If you are in Rare classics the 280SL is 115K cr, Jag MK 2 barn find is 38K cr (can buy from auction house anyway), Fiat Dino is 60K cr and Lotus Cortina is 50K.

If you are in classic racers the Alfa GTA is 300K and the V8 Vantange is 100K cr. E Type 120K, XK120 120K and Lotus 11 140k. You can also use a perk to make them 5% cheaper if you have it unlocked.

Or as people have suggested use blueprints to customize event