Hardcore Leaderboard

How do you get on it? I ran a lap with all assists off including sim steering, no rewind and no line and I’m not on there still. What’s up with it? Does the lap with no assists have to be your best to show up on that board?

yes, the game only tracks your very best lap time for a given event or track/class combo. if that time doesn’t qualify as Hardcore, you won’t see it on that board.

But it does sound like you’re doing it right… no assists, manual w/ clutch

Yep its just a filter so if you have already set a faster lap with assists you’ll have to beat that without first!

Can you use normal steering and still be hardcore or does hardcore require sim steering. Sim steering still isn’t working for me driving with a controller. No way I’m beating my normal steering times with sim steering

I think you can use normal. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to check this leaderboard out. I’m learning to use no assists starting with this demo, and I just beat my (assisted) time on Lime Rock today.

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Leaderboards don’t appear to make any distinction between normal and sim steering, only the other assists. I got on the hardcore LB with Normal steering, so it should be good.


Certainly makes me tempted to switch to manual knowing on an equal handicap board. It’s the clutch I’m not sure about with a controller as must be far easier with a wheel

Make the switch. You will be much faster in the long run. The fastest players are all using the controller. It is a matter of finding a layout that works best for you using the manual with clutch. Experiment until you find something that allows you to change gears while also being able to use the brake/accelerator. Easier said then done, but you will get it with practice!

So glad to see more filters for the leaderboards!

I think you need, manual clutch, no abs, no TC, no line.

That’s unfortunate. I play manual w/ clutch on my game pad all the time but that’s not something I want to use for Motorsport 6. I think that Horizon is definitely more suited for the controller than Motorsport. The wheel I have isn’t very well set-up for manual w/ clutch unless the new game lets you bind two commands to one button.

The best way around this is to go to the controller menu and change the “swap handbrake and clutch” to Yes. This puts clutch to A on layout 1. Now you can press A+X to shift up and A+B to shift down. This can be done with one finger or by sliding your finger across both buttons.

I know how to play with the controller and I rather enjoy leaving clutch on left bumper and handbrake on A. I can play this way no problem. Yet people keep telling me to switch clutch to A.

The issue I have is using my gaming wheel where the wheel layout is slightly awkward for using manual with clutch. The paddle shifters are only half paddles on the upper portion but to make up for it, the bottom backside of the wheel has buttons that do the same thing as the paddles (and cannot be programmed to do something else). The other buttons are in an awkward position to use so I end up reverting to manual without clutch. The most likely solution will be getting a better wheel when I can unless someone has advice for using manual and clutch in the racing wheel.

wait, wait, wait…theres a HARDCORE leaderboard???

Yup and it will even sort to the type of car you set your fastest time in as well. Which is not useful for the demo but assuming say the xbow is a lb car again and you set a time in a different car you can see how that stacks up

I for for “A Button Clutch” and it just feels automatic now; have even been using it in the Horizon games. One question about manual clutch however, does it make a different if I do a “clean shift” (life of the accelerator when shifting) or a fast one (hold throttle and let it rev bang when shifting)? In Forza Motorsport 4 “fast shifting” would give you a minor torque push as you swapped gears.


I am for sure a lot slower with manual with clutch than manual alone as I have the Fanatic and it does not have an auto clutch setting so my question is this, if I run my first 2 or 3 laps, as the first is from a standing start, in Hardcore settings to register a time on hardcore. Then change to manual alone and run a faster time then I will have a time on both leaderboards but if I run a faster time first in manual alone then I may never get a time on Hardcore as I probably won’t beat my time with clutch. Also if time with clutch is beat with manual only does it override the with clutch time and erase it so just the faster time in manual only will count. This will be good to know as I may do every track as fast as I can in manual with clutch first. Then go back in manual and beat all the times to be on both leaderboards.

Depends on if you are playing simulation damage or not? With simulation damage and wear on anything that would cause damage to your car will damage your car, your engine, fuel, and tires will wear, etc…

The new leaderboard seems interesting, can’t wait to see it.