GT-R LM NISMO FE and NON-FE comparing

Is it true that non-fe version of this car worse than fe? explain why and how much worse?

Fe version has much more downforce, has Race slicks and uses thicker tyres.

Dont be fooled to think “FE is better whats the point of regular one?”. Well FE is best at S2 class while Regular one is mostly for S1 and A.

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The FE version cars are pre tuned by PGG and give your certain bonuses, for example a bonus on collecting skill points.

There are FE versions which are identical to the normal ones and only have certain skill boosts. Like the M6 & M6 FE.
The GTR LM and GTR LM FE are completely different cars though.
The normal one is remotely based on the rl road car from a performance perspective and best used in A800.
The GTR LM FE has improved chassis, tires and downforce. Basically the track version of the road car. Thus, it’s one of the best handling cars for S1 900 and decent in S2 998.


FE is usually WORST than the other version with a very few exceptions. The Nismo is amazing on road-closed circuits where you need to do many turns at high speeds and play a lot with breaks/acceleration. And as far as i now, the FE version is not able to do that, not even with the right tune. But i only have the regular version so i could not be sure.

I thought that you had all cars except for DLC? As for the opinion about the FE (which you don’t own), I suggest you read Rayne’s very helpful post above.


He gets blisters when he speed reads :man_shrugging:t2: