Nissan gtr forza edition rwd

Why can I make the regular non forza edition gtr rwd but the forza edition doesn’t have that option? Just out of curiosity.

Don’t know but if you take any FE car into the upgrade shop you will discover that not all the options are there. I think they might come with upgraded brakes etc and you seem to be able to tinker with them more in the Tune-up section straight out the box.

And why can’t you remove the wide body and Forza aero or put back the factory rims on FE cars?

The parts are already there on the normal cars…

I think the point of FE cars is that they come pre-upgraded and pre-tuned, usually to a good standard, and you get a credit bonus. So you get more reward for less work. If you could customise the FE cars, they would inevitably turn into dreaded ‘leaderboard cars.’ Because why would anybody use anything else if one particular car gives you so much better rewards and guarantees a win?

The point is they should be identically upgradeable and tunable as the normal cars.

Not better. Not worse.

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I just like it because the FE cars tend to pay out more when I’m using them to drift. They don’t have anything drastic to them like horizon 3 has (extra lock on certain drift cars.) The most they ever do is give you a boost in credits or exp. I’m always in drift lobbies or tuning, so that extra boost helps when I’m using said car that isn’t FE because of awd. There are alot of cars that they screwed up on when bringing over for horizon 3 and I was hopping this was a screw up. Good example is the Nomad, its tires dont move or turn. Lol