Graphics - Matte painted cars still give reflections on hood camera (1653825)

Honestly would not care other than I prefer using hood camera, and the warped track boundary marker lines moving all over is highly distracting when I’m trying to focus on hitting a mark.

Edit hood camera view has reflections when it should not. Follow cam looks correct

Matte paint on bonnet still results in high gloss finish when using bonnet cam. I personally find the high reflections off putting and nausea inducing.

The reflections are overly done and exaggerated in most lighting conditions in this Motorsport. It has that tin foil look at times. I agree with your nausea inducing feel. The cars look horrible in the Paint Menu for some reason !

When a car has matte carbon applied to its hood, the “hood view” still views the carbon as gloss carbon instead of matte carbon.

I 100% agree with this. It makes it much harder to drive in hood camera.

It’s probably the same on all the cars. (Series X, Performance RT)

Bumper cam is really too low for online racing, so i use Hood cam, but the reflections from the hood are really off putting when cornering. Bumper Cam at hood cam height with the HUD in the middle (like GT7) would be perfect.

A Matt black bonnet is the answer like the old race/rally cars used to do, right…wrong unfortunately.

Up!.. I wantеd to make post abоut same bug!

Adding to this as well. Please fix matte paint to actually be matte in game. Hood mode is almost unbearable with track lines and rows of balloons in the air. It’s disorienting and makes it feel like the camera is moving mid turn.

not just the hood, but wheels too.