Matte paint still look shiny when in game

I typically repaint all my cars in some matte paint color because I race bonnet cam and I hate the reflections off of the hood of the car. When you select the Matte paint color in the painter it definitely looks correct when you’re in the menus; it’s very smooth, no reflection at all. But once you start racing it definitely has a glossy coating on it. I understand the Flat paint should have that as it’s non-metallic and still has a gloss coating. But Matte paint should be exactly that: it should be extremely dull with almost no reflection whatsoever. The way it displays now while in-game is fairly incorrect. I’m surprised that they did this. Unless it has something to do with the rendering engine and a limitation of that.

Yes, can confirm.

I like to paint my cars with matte paint, but all the thumbnails display glossy paint and it looks horrible. I can’t even properly make out the color from the thumbnails. In the actual world/game it’s correct though.

I noticed the same thing now after painting a car matte. It’s displayed as shiny in the thumbnail, and gets screen space reflections in hood view where it should be matte. The cube mapped reflections in other views seem okay.

Both things should be fixable if they decide to do so. It’s an old bug that’s resurfaced.

Are vinyls on Zinc still a better matte?

Further observation about reflections in hood view:

Where the normals of the hood point outside the screen, the screen space reflections are substituted by the local cube map. The latter is rendered with the correct values.

This can be seen on the hood of the Ultima Evolution Coupe 1020 for instance. The parts of the hood with screen space reflections are shiny, while the parts with cube map reflections are matte as they should be.

When checking this problem, it’s important that the weather is dry and the car is clean.

If the shader used on the hood can’t diffuse the reflections (e.g. using a mip map – I assume the SSR on the hood is still texture mapped and not ray marched), it should at least lower their intensity.