Graphics - Blurry textures and lighting appear when TAA is active (1634704)

It’s the same thing, an OFF option means reshade FXAA, SMAA, etc

Sorry, I know this doesn’t help but is it the TAA that causes shimmering and weird dancing (underwater effects) lines around the borders of car parts in cockpit and sometimes also the back of the car and rear engine accent?

Sort off but not entirely . It’s the RTAO which is so bad (low sample count) that it can’t properly be denoised by the temporal denoiser (which is also tied to the temporal AA).

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I think they are probably aware of this too. Really would love to see a fix.

You’d have to provide screenshots of a clip if you want a certain answer. Shimmering and trails on transparency and edges will likely be a TAA issue, but the raytracing can also contribute to this, especially as its quarter res so there will be visible gaps between the RT shadow/reflection and the casting object.

Good point. Don’t have time to post screens. Besides, somebody has already posted a video as evidence in another thread where you can see the shimmering and glowy outlines around cockpit parts.

I’ll try with the 4k setting although I always use Performance RT.

Can you link to that other thread then? I don’t need evidence of the problem so much as an example of what specific problem it is.

You can reproduce it easily yourself. Start a daytime race, particularly with some kind of cloud cover. Look at the cockpit details. You’ll see shimmering and glowing around parts as if your car is submerged underwater and the sun is shinning through the water. Make sense?

Xbox Series X
Performance RT

I’m asking for a specific example because when I play the game myself I pick up on a ton of artifacts that could be interpreted as what you’re describing, and the only way to narrow down what you’re actually referring to is for you to show it, or send a link to a post that does.

Otherwise, there’s no way to know whether you’re talking about TAA issues, Ray Tracing, something else, or both.

After more than half a year of this game existence ,devs ignoring the biggest game issue- blurry graphics caused by forced TAA. I am amazed… nobody cares about PC players with native resolutions. I would go play FM7 but I cannot buy DLC’s for it as it is end of life…

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I wouldn’t call it the biggest issue, but it’s definitely one of the easiest to fix. Just add a toggle for the antialiasing and let people pick blur or shimmer.


For whoever thinks it’s useful, here it is how to disable TAA (PC, Steam):

Enjoy while developers don’t patch it (they’ll probably patch it).


I did try this out and it just confirmed my earlier comment that having the ability to simply turn TAA off might not be the best solution.

I wasn’t quite 100 % sure as there are some games like Red Dead Redemption for example where turning TAA off doesn’t produce as much jaggies and the image is still quite plesant. To me at 1080p there is much more shimmering than jaggies but it’s definitely not terrible.

But in FM’s case it’s just not working even decent enough. Jaggies are all over the place. And i thought nfs unbound had it bad but this is just on a whole other level of awfulness. So i sort of understand why they don’t have the option to turn it off by default.

Besides, we definitely need a better solution. And it’s stupid because this literally detered me from playing the game at first. Opening the game and the first thing i see is this blurry mess… If i had other motorsport games in my library i would’ve just alt-f4 and just forgotten about it.

Technical issues shouldn’t be a deterent or a measurement of how much we enjoy games. If a game developper can’t handle that, i am in no position to expect any better going further into exploring the actual game.

I finally see a possibility of playing: TAA OFF + 200% resolution scale. A bit frustrating having to do so, but it’s the only way I can stand the graphics.

TAA is unplayable for me.
DLAA + 200% resolution scale is very expensive.

The best compromise if I really decided to play is

TAA OFF + 200% resolution scale

It’s bearable at 1440p. At least for me.

It pretty much depends on the implementation, for what I can see.

For example, “The Crew 2” also had a way to disable TAA, but the results were simply horrendous. Apart from jagged edges, everything became very noisy. Later, developers patched out the option.

In contrast, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has multiple AA methods, but TAA stands out as the best for visual clarity: everything is clear and nitid. No ghosting or any visual artifact. I still wonder if it’s really TAA, or they just put the wrong name there.

I don’t play in 1080p, but I know everything in worse regarding to TAA ON: the lower the resolution, the worse is blur and ghosting.
Still, even at 2160p, there’s ghosting and also blur (less, but it’s still there).

I hope they are working in something like MSAA. FM7 had it, and the visuals (at least for me) were great.

Imagine having reserved a full month vacations to play (the ultimate edition, or whatever it’s called), and find out all that blurriness and ghosting. At least I’ve learned the lesson now.

Fortunatelly, I have FM7.

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I’ve been playing with TAA 200% to try and get a clean image anyway so this sounds perfect tbh.

Its no MSAA but I think that ship has sailed.

What resolution 1080p or 1440?

1440p on max settings (lower RT) on a 4070

If you have the power, a low enough res screen, or low enough settings, dynamic super resolution on top of 200% res scaling would give almost perfect results. At that point though, TAA would also look pretty sharp so it’d only be about removing artifacts and ghosting.

Honestly, almost all the shimmer and aliasing in this game seems to come from fine geometry and alpha masked edges like fences. All of which would be dealt with perfectly by MSAA at a much lower cost than higher res scaling. The consoles wouldn’t have the power to do it though and we wouldn’t want PC to outshine them too much now would we.

Have you tried DLAA + 200% scale?

It’s slightly superior than TAA 200% here, mainly regarding that temporal ghosting.

DLAA doesn’t let you change the resolution scale. Besides, it’s sharper but has much worse artifacts in my experience. The ghosting is atrocious.

This is a comparison between DLAA and TAA off, both at 100% res. Look at the grass, asphalt to the side of the car, raytraced reflection, etc. It’s all smeared across multiple frames. The resolution doesn’t change that. Forza Motorsport TAA On/Off - Imgsli

It says TAA on the comparison but it’s DLAA, because that’s what DLAA is at its core. It’s just the highest quality version of TAA that really exists for this game.

You can combine DLAA + 200% resolution by editing settings file.

It’s explained here:

DLAA + 200% resolution scale has much less artifacts here (at 1440p) than DLAA + 100% resolution scale.