GPS line colour setting for Colour Blind People

I’m colour blind and the GPS “path” on the map is very similar to the “road” colour. Even though the colour blindness feature is enabled (I’m Protanopic) it doesn’t change the GPS path. I’ve tried all of the colour blindness options and none of them make a difference.

If the GPS map colour was selectable, I could choose a colour that I can definitely recognise and differentiate. This seems to have been a problem for others in FH4:

Has this been addressed yet? If not I can’t believe it’s even a thing. The game has color blind settings if memory serves, how do those not apply to the driving line??

I’ve just started playing forza motorsport and I’m red/green colourblind none of the options work for me there should be a way of customizing the racing line colour just give us the option to choose acceleration colour, stop acceleration colour and braking colour i can’t believe it’s not and option in 2023.