Glitch Paint Job & Colouring Carbon Fibre

Hi, I’ve just made this forum to address 2 paint glitches that I’ve found in the game;

The first one i’m pretty sure is accessible by everyone, so i’ll detail that one first. Basically, you are able to change the colour of carbon fibre on cars that have a carbon paint job as their ‘manufacturer colour’. ( i.e. Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Centenario, even the Chiron’s side mirrors.) it’s changeable to basically any colour you can make in the colour picker - special colours just colour the carbon it’s prominent colour. How it works is that you select any colour you want the carbon to be for the main body colour, exit, re-enter the colour chooser, and select manufacturer colour. The paint will have the carbon fibre texture, but with the chosen colour. Pretty cool, but probably unintentional.

The second glitch is cooler, but i think it is exclusive to my copy(s) because of a patch on FH3. I’ve got this special paint colour, that I’ve imported from Horizon 3, and all of it’s effects still work on 4 (plus a few new stuff.) It can only be obtained from the previously used menu (so you have to have an ‘infected’ car), and displays as the colour you choose it’s ‘tint’ to be. When applied onto a car, it’s a bluey-silver, unless the car is two-tone. If the car is two-tone, or has decals, all the second tone stuff goes to a metallic light purple, or if the second tone is carbon, it has the same effect as above, with the chosen tint. There was a glitch in FH3 where you could import the paint-job of the Racing Aston Martin Vanquish, even though it wasn’t in the game. It would turn into the NPC Ford Transit Truck, and i’m pretty sure I got the ‘glitch paint’ from that. (i’m pretty sure it’s patched though.) It worked perfectly when i imported it into FH4 - Search up ‘Link Koosie’ on the marketplace to see some of the ones I’ve shared of the glitch. Also, it still works with the new paint + update, which allows for some pretty cool “stock” paint-jobs.

Can anyone explain what the paintjob is and why I have it? Does anyone else have it? Otherwise, have fun with a rainbow of carbon colours :stuck_out_tongue: