Glad to see "Prize Spins" coming to FM

Anyone else notice the achievement for 25 prize spins.
I wonder if it’ll be like Horizon and be based off leveling, or like old GT and be at the end of a championship race.

I’m expecting it to be based off levelling, since Forza 3 and 4 both gave prize cars for levelling up.

Really hope it’s for leveling
but hey championships are good too.

Oh boy I dont liike the sound of this. I really dont want the FMH crowd in this game sorry

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I never understood this elitist mentality. What makes you better than those who like FH? And if you honestly think a mere prize spin feature makes FH lovers go “oooo I gotta get this game now”, then you’re more blinded by your pointless elitism than I initially thought.

Forza Motorsport is a great series and more people should play it. I thought the idea is to more people to get into it, as that increases popularity of the series, meaning more sales, meaning more finances to do more of what we love and want in the series.


Call me what you want but that is the reason the arcade crash bash game horizon was made for people I guess not like me. Been around for a while and have seen what has happened to FM and see wheel spins as just another gimmick to water down the game even more. I bet you like to play king and infected more than anythng else right? Well wheel spin away friend

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I actually enjoy FM more than FH, I just don’t put myself on some arbitrary throne. Glad that there’s people with common sense making the game. Oh boy what a world do we live in with a game giving you wheel spins, too much arcade! Give me a break and step out of that bubble you’re in. How anyone can think adding a way for the game to give you extra stuff (like Forza wasn’t already doing that) somehow affects gameplay blows my mind. Idk maybe I’m not that high strung shrugs


OK so your not being a total ass about this then right? I never said I Was better than anyone I never demanded this to not be in game I never said the FM crowd is better than the rest now did I? If so please point this out. Youre the one that has painted a picture of me being on some thrown casting down my might smite of ruin on all that want this or enjoy this. I’m sorry my opinion of what the obvious differences of the 2 games are and not really liking the idea of blending the less serious racer into a game I have played for years that prided itself on being a racing game.

Yes I seen the arcade side introduced on FM3 with the PLAYGROUND. But to be honest you still had some good racing in the lobbies once you got past the S5 BS. I also know about and understand the rewards systems from FM2-5 but feel that this was and still is different than a wheel spin system.
I’m sorry my own “PERSONAL OPINION” of which by the way I’m entitled to express rubbed you in such a wrong way. I guess the only thing I can say to you and your bad attitude about someone opinion is maybe you should not be so worried about what others think about a game when it is not in tune with your idea of how its being made.

I’m sorry it just make it sound so arcade and less serious for the ones that want to enjoy the realness and the idea of earning something to make more satisfying versus being a lucky winner of a shinny new prize.


Hey now im a fan of both :slight_smile: but little things like that is what gives FH that fun edge so im glad im seeing it here


FMH? Forza Motorsport Horizon lol


Stoked to see this, free cars and CR for leveling up, I have no problem with the addition of this at all. It was awesome to win some expensive cars in FH2 and not have to give up your hard earned CR on a 1-5 million dollar ride. I will probably hold off on buying any expensive cars until I have quite a few spins built up and see what I get.

Kinda pointless from my perspective but if it keeps people from complaining about how hard credits are to get despite barely playing, then so be it.

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If it gets any “harder” Turn 10 will be taking out the economy system completely.

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i wonder if it will be like horizon 2 where VIP members get double cash, or the car plus cash based on the value of the car

I agree that wheel spin does not belong in Forza Mororsport 6. Leave that for Horizon please Turn 10. Makes FM6 look more like an arcade racer than a simulator in my opinion.

That’s funny because i got into Forza in general by playing horizon. I actually came here and asked people how to play forza 4 because i knew people took it more seriously than horizon. Seems some take it VERY seriously… yikes!

How is a wheel that awards you cars and money any different than a screen telling you what you won? How in the world is that arcadey??


Because in a racing career you earn money. A “wheel spin” is is like an arcade game. You don’t typically win a car as a professional race driver. A watch maybe (Rolex) but not a car. It just makes the game childish in my opinion. Is it the end of the world? Of course not. Just my personal opinion.

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well if they give wheel spins all the time for winning championships and everything else im all there with ya. I can see it being different for sure.

I’m not sure how I feel about wheel spins being added to FM6. On one hand, it does attract more players, but on the other hand, it’s already so easy to get credits and buy the cars you want because of Forza rewards and just by playing the game. With wheel spins added, it’s just going to make it even easier. Ultimately, I guess I would like to see FM go the other direction and make it more difficult to acquire money and cars. Just throwing in my 2 cents.

100% agreed. For me its not hard enough. way to easy to get money. and the cars are to cheap. Like in Norway where I live the cars are REALY expensive because our leaders like taxes more then anything! so the car prices in Forza seems really stupid cheap for me. and if you have played Forza before, you start with like 2 millions credits at your first day? probably fun for beginners and small kids but the challenge is gone for me. Forza don’t make it hard enough. I can play forza for 1 week and I have already driven all the cars that I have waited for to drive(and the garage have a count of what? 200+ cars… mayby more…)… Its not a problem that irritates me… but it still gets boring when you get what you want I under 24 hours of playing. I remember the good old days in both forza and Gran Turismo. it took days before I managed to get what I wanted. if you have worked harder for it the appreciate is much grater. ore what? :slight_smile: