Gift car: Meyers Manx feat. benny blanco, BTS, Snoop Dogg | Aug 5

What’s left to take away?

Roads. But where we’re going, we may not need them.


More cars that won’t be, but should be in the next sequel. New content, baby.

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I noticed the Evija being part of the next seasonal playlist, painted mine gold in your honor :grin:

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What now ? my leds are finally going to work ? :scream:

Technically they are taking my garage space. :sweat_smile:
But yeah don’t look a gift horse in the mouth I guess.

I built a snoop dog inspired HW blueprint:

Share Code: 978 544 191

Only the choosen may complete this.

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Could you put image of Snoopy playing somerhing all over track? I think I haven’t seen enough of that recycled clip.

And that’s why mashed potatoes won’t be your friend.

You get horribly placed candy canes

So this “bad decision” (in the most literal sense) Manx “gift” was discouraging enough that I felt it necessary to gift this :smile:
Bought a couple from the AH, upgraded/tuned them & made the design in an effort to make someone feel like they at least got an awesome gifted car. If they don’t like the design, they are currently able to list them for sale at just under C20M, so win win? Just hope the person who gets it actually claims it lol


Generous attitude, congratulations! It made me think that the production company from time to time could send some exclusive car to the community, or I don’t know, if it’s not for everyone, maybe a limited amount, for example, 100,000 Superbee, Porsche, Lambo whatever and randomly distributed. After all, we are 20 million, right?

By the way, the Manx that left the factory went straight to the junkyard. I already have it and it’s a very cheap car.


Does this also count? :joy:


Absolutely! :+1:t2: :smile: :smile:

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A reminder that this is the next partnership:

I know you have a job to do…but this ain’t it, chief.

And then there’s this here. This is an outlandishly fickle group PGG’s attempting to court. Those millions of tween k pop fans…well, maybe you bag a few hundred thousand in reality. Even less if we start talking about ones who stick with this game. Even allowing for the conceit that this is a remarkably low-cost, low-effort form of advertising outreach, is it really worth it if the number of people you snag isn’t enough to even move the needle? And what are you losing with gestures like this, particularly when large sections of the playerbase you do have are growing frustrated for a variety of reasons?

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If they want to partner with someone and give us a gift car THAT WE DON’T ALREADY HAVE! Make it a special car that we don’t already have. Like something new to the game.

And pick one of the top “in game painters” who can really put a super cool paint scheme together. Not some scrod paint job that any noob whose just started playing the game can replicate.


Here’s a good gift car they could give us. And I’m sure one of our fine painters could come up with a kickin’ livery that would just blow minds all across Mexico.

The Falcon F7

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When I think of cool gift car/paints I actually want:

Is that company even still in business? And by that, I mean, is the license actually attainable?

That actually has me feeling sick. The heck are they thinking?