Gameplay - Players creating a smokescreen in multiplayer (1653193)

In multiplayer when a player locks up and there is a puff of tyre smoke, the game glitches and that car for the remainder of the race produces a thick trail of smoke making it impossible to see anything. Happens quite regularly now. Can’t say if this happens in career as I’m not playing that boring grindfest.

Come on T urd 10, you’ve made games before right?

Bug Info: You need to stop people from using smoke screens. There are players dragging their handbrake before every corner to create an enormous cloud of smoke that hides the turn and the racing line. You can see evidence of this in many recordings, as it leaves paired streaks of burnt rubber all over the place when they use the smoke screen, including in the straights.
Content Update: This has always been a problem.


Indeed a big problem now online, just had 3 races and 2 were ruined by the car in front employing a smoke screen for most of the lap and caused lots of players to crash. Please fix ASAP, more and more players are using it.


In online racing some players have a mod or are glitching tire smoke whilst driving in a straight line before braking zones and and around corners, causing other players to be blinded and wreck. It is impossible to determine who is doing it before it is too late

Is it a mod? I thought it was a glitch, however, if they are on PC I know all types of cheating is possible.

I’ll keep an eye out for the gamertag if I encounter it again

This happened to me yesterday, I was battling hard in the Vintage Le Mans Sportscar spec series when the E-type in front of me locked up. After that a constant trail of smoke and screeching tires.
There also was a bunch of other cars that only had a short puff of smoke when they started braking, which was annoying because it could make me miss my braking point, but not as bad as the constant trail that was completely covering the racing line.

Great censorship! So let’s let the cheaters continue to act fully and spoil the races, perhaps they are welcome?

In multiplayer, some players use a mod or glitch to emit tire smoke while driving in a straight line and before braking zones and in turns, which hinders and makes visibility impossible for other players.

What causes people to leave the road, accidents and the impossibility of overtaking this player, which seriously harms the game and fair play, is cheating.

This is not the first time I have encountered this type of player using this technique. The player in question finished 1st in the race.

Last night vintage le Mans racing :

First time :


I don’t know if this is a mod/cheat, or some form of desync on the server side that is causing this problem.
There’s clearly more server side problems now that the entire game is server based, just look at all of the long wait times due to syncing and downloading of data. It wouldn’t shock me that this is also a server sided issue.


This posts needs more attention. Players are still somehow creating massive smoke screens. I do not think they do this on purpose but that it’s a gameplay bug. This needs to be fixed.


To this day it still happens, today in a session of 10 races in at least 4 of them there were players with “permanent smoke”

The question is, can i get a ticket to report a player for this?

It would be nice if these players were at least banned.

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I don’t think it’s about handbrake, these cars emit smoke continuously. Not a long ago I drove pretty much the whole race just behind a smoke emitting car and from what I’ve seen there’s absolutely no way it was produced by driving style. Driver was driving very clean laps. No any kind of drifting, no handbrake turns I could see and the driver kept a good driving line thru the race. Of course some player(s) could use handbrake when entering a turn but I think there’s something else going on with multiplayer.

I have tried to replicate the smoke to see what’s causing it but failed every single time. Currently I think it’s a bug in the game. Reporting / banning drivers without knowing if they actually did anything wrong doesn’t make sense to me. If anyone is able to replicate it please share it on the forums. I think it would be helpful solving this multiplayer issue.


You’re assuming that players are intentionally doing this.

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True, you are right.

I have encountered two cases, players who have the smoke screen all the time and on the other hand, players who when someone approaches them “the smoke activates”, hence my suspicions that it is a premeditated use.

But as you say, I cannot know sure if is activated at will.

I’ve experienced this a few times. I assumed it was because I had a poor connection to the match, but I never looked into it.

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Bug Info: Any featured multiplayer, random cars start to emit constant tyre smoke and cannot see the track because of that.
See attached recording at 30 seconds:
Misaly7 | Xbox

Platform: Series X
Edition: Game Pass
Account: Solo
Peripheral: Controller
Settings: Xbox Series X, Performance
Xbox Settings:Quick Resume
Attempted fixes: N/A
Content Update: Was this happening prior to the most recent content update or did it start after the update?

I can confirm this, players continually omitting smoke even in straight lines whilst accelerating away. It seems to be on maple valley quite a lot or at least that’s where I usually see it.

It does make for catastrophic results for the poor players following behind.

Any news of a fix for this?

It’s not anything intentional by the other drivers. It’s a desync issue. One that has gotten much more common since patch 3. I was the smoker one race, and only found out when I asked another driver why they drove me off the track. They thought I was doing it intentionally.

Same for the drivers on rails that don’t have any reaction to contact. They don’t see the other car at all. Forza compensates for desync sometimes by just ignoring the existence of some cars. From the other driver’s POV, you’re not there. Not on the track or the time board. Until the end of the race.

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I noticed something in a race last night with my clubmates, in Featured Multiplayer (A-Class, Silverstone).

  • Player started smokescreening from Lap 2
  • By Lap 4 the smoke suddenly disappeared, but so did he
  • Turns out he was still racing, but was “invisible” to everybody else in the lobby.
  • Naturally we couldn’t see him (and he wasn’t on the leaderboard either) so when we cross paths he’s the one getting hit.
  • He showed up on the final standings at the end of the race

In any case, I have a feeling both issues are linked to a potential desync.