Game won't launch properly

since the series 21 update, fh5 is crashed on my PC

When I launch the game and press the A button on the intro movie, the game loads for a second and then shuts off

I’ve even done a clean install of windows because of this issue, but it’s still the same

The same thing happens while cloud gaming on chrome browser.

Funny thing is, when I cancel the syncing data and fresh start the game, no issues

Maybe there’s something wrong with my cloud save data but don’t know what to do

Please review the steps in this article and use the link at the bottom of the page to Submit a Ticket so the Support team can investigate your details:

I’ve already submitted a ticket but I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered a similar save data issue

Could you post your ticket/case number here please?



We’re closing this thread due to low reports / reproductions. If you are still experiencing this issue you can create a new topic. At the time of the closing this topic had 0 votes.

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