Game update?

The game has been released for more than a week now, and other than a performance related patch, we’ve had nothing? If you look at all the complaints, issues, bugs and the general broken state of MP right now, i find it concerning that not a single word on a game related patch has been mentioned? Is this PG saying 'here’s your game, thats it folks! We only fix stuff that breaks the game not updates… Thoughts?


It’s disgraceful how we haven’t had any communication at all.


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The twitter post clearly states today was a CONTENT UPDATE which looking at the post shows it was patches/fixes only

you guys do realize that they cant just pop back in all those changes at once… right? Coding is not a quick thing to do and they would still have to test it.

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Yep, I agree but having a release with so many obvious issues is starting to become annoying. If there was an acknowledgement that the issues exist and that they are being worked on I think a lot more people would not feel so agreived. You have to wonder about the beta testing before release because some of the issues are really not trivial and patently obvious.

Having said that I don’t have much faith because they never really addressed or fixed the achievement issues with FH3 which is the only blemish on a nearly perfect game.

I’m a big fan of the series but the customer service and communication has a long way to go.


You may be relatively new to the series … but both T10 and PG historically have not communicated much with their communities. There is not usually any public acknowledgement that bugs and issues are being worked on. And it’s only been fairly recent that they’ve started even publishing patch notes. Used to just get an update and nothing was said about it. Also … there was no beta testing with FH4 and to my knowledge, T10 and PG have never had any betas with their new releases.

All that being said, we have seen more of an effort by the devs over the past year or so to communicate more with the community … so hopefully this change will continue on in the future.


You mean OPEN beta testing, right? Because every commercial app is beta tested by its developers…

dont know what your problem is but i do really enjoying it, i think a lot of people more.
they will need some time to do the fixes but come on , its not a bad release.
i think you never experienced u buggy release :wink: like Uhmm Ubigames and at the moment Fifffffa19

The Problems are GAME BREAKING! Thats what the problem is… Online does not work by any means, AT ALL. All the tracks are unforgiving. No room to keep speed through turns because there is a built in wall that isn’t there on the regular map! This was not a thing in any other Horizons, atleast not this bad… Its so damn awful, you try to join an online adventure with friends and only the host gets in sometimes. Or you and your buddies get split up into different servers lmao Its laughable how awful the Online is. I feel they only Polished the first part of Solo than the rest is up in the air. It hurts and if the whole game was as good as the first 8hrs was, well it would be the best Horizon to date. But nowhere near it.

What issues, bugs and how is it broken?
I guess there may be some isolated incidents of bugs for some people (prob PC) but the game runs fine for me and I’m pretty sure 99% of the playerbase. The only issues I can think of is some of the decisions made to matchmaking. like team races only and freeroam rush, but these aren’t bugs, these were design decisions. I’m sure they will update based on feedback but this isn’t something that will happen in one week this is more a long term update, probably after Xmas at the earliest. It takes time to change the code and test it and then have it approved for upload. Especially significant game changing updates like a redesigning the matchmaking system.

Of course this was beta tested what are you talking about? It would never have got released if wasn’t beta tested.

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PG and T10 always lacked communication. They do it only if they really have to (like with the VIP fiasko of FM7 last year). I don’t expect to hear anyting related to the horrendous multiplayer in the near future, let alone some actual game changes.

They have been very vocal over the last few months., They were talking about the drift and track limit updates for FM7 months before it released and the have been talking about and showing off features for FH4 for weeks before release. They have also had a weekly update for as long as I can remember on this very site (it has been fairly lacking for the past couple of years though. Seems to be mainly photo competition winners these days.

Wander how everyone now a days would have fared 15-20 years ago. Be happy with the level we have now, it can always be worse.

They have dropped 2, yes TWO updates since release, that is alot for a triple A title.