New Announcement from the Devs!

Guess what - it’s just another pat on the back from them about how great they’ve been in 2021 !!!
What about the last two months of S(hambles) that they’ve put just put us through.
No pat on the back for that heap I’m afraid.
They should be ashamed even to post that on the message board.


Well apparently they have 10-15 million (mostly game pass) players and won game of the year (car racing game starting with F) so I would be celebrating too if I were them.

Fix the current mess then celebrate.


It’s hardly a mess. Nothing precludes doing both, in any case.


What do you mean it’s not a mess - it’s been a mess since day 1 - Nov 5th - even the pre-launch was riddled with bugs and they just keep going season to season.
How do you get game of the year when most people can’t even play it without some sort of bug cropping up every season and still no fixes to the major ones for the past 8 weeks.
Why, again, I ask do they think they can celebrate their great year of 2021 on a message board before they’ve sorted this MESS out ?

It’s been eminently playable since day one. There’s been some mostly inconsequential bugs, many of which should have been expected by anyone who played the previous game. Mostly there’s been a bunch of raging dramatics over the eruption of Mt. St. Molehill.

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Are the cannot complete task bugs, the AI bugs, the hardware bugs, the processor bugs, or the general random other bugs the “Inconsequential bugs”??
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Cancel culture at it’s finest. You can’t post anything positive unless I agree!

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Seriously, Max?

Cancel culture or call-out culture is a modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles – whether it be online, on social media, or in person.

Horizon 5 is certainly playable, but I would still hesitate to call it finished and I wouldn’t even dare call it perfect. Heck, I wouldn’t even place it in the hall of the greatest racers of all time, but unfortunately, since our little fanbase has been infiltrated by a massive influx of very casual gamers, most will tragically remember it as so. Why didn’t Project Gotham Racing 4, Test Drive Unlimited 1, or even Horizon 1 get game of the year? Quite frankly, what Horizon 5’s GOTY award tells me is that this year either really sucked in terms of output this year, or Microsoft pinched a few pennies to push one of their games to the top and just weren’t confident enough to push Halo Infinite ahead.

Yes, seriously.

As we previously posted, we’re aware of the frustration over various issues with FH5. Those issues are openly listed on Forza Support. The team has released hotfixes to deal with some of them, and continue to work on solutions for the others remaining. However, 2021 involved more Forza than just FH5, and millions of players continue to enjoy playing Forza games either despite bugs or free of them on their own platforms.

This forum is open to opinion, which means not only do we allow users to post their criticisms, users who are enjoying the game will be equally allowed to post their views as well. We ask - and expect - users to treat each other with respect regardless of their personal experiences and viewpoints.