G920 clipping under braking

Hey all, I really hope somebody can help me out please

I have a G920 playing fm7 I have tried many FFB settings and I cannot find any solutions to the knocking noises when hard braking or spinning wheels
Please help by posting suggestions on what to try or where to look

Thank you in advance for any help

Did you ever find a solution to this?

I have the same problem using my TM TMX wheel.
The problem started after the patch with the large FFB overhaul the game got a while back.
I never had the problem when the game was first released.

I have barely played it since that patch but decided to load it up today and I’m still getting clipping under braking. I even tried using ABS to stop the wheels locking but it still does it.

I have the same issue Driving Force GT. To me it seems like an indication that wheels are locking up as it doesn’t occur in case you softly push the break pedal. I got used to. Try setting the FFB torque values to a lower value and be sure to disable the vibrations altogether and have road FFB set to a low value. Also check with the FFB telemetry window (backspace and the left arrow)

Try these settings, credit to Blue028 ( I think that was his alias). They’ve been working great on my old DFGT and new G29.