Fujimi Kaido (Forza)

I forgot all about that. That was aot of fun in fm4. Man so many good things have been dropped from this series over the years

Wow. I got into Forza with FM7, heard this track was lauded but never looked it up, what the heck this looks amazing, imagine this on the series X jeeze.


You can go and try the nordschleife.

These images bring back a lot of nostalgia. :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears:
What a fantastic circuit! Hours of fun

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Looking back at that footage, there might be one adjustment I would like to see to a new edition - make the roads thinner. Gives a bit more of a challenge, and it would be interesting to add a slight “claustrophobic” effect to the already technical nature of the place.

Come on Forza get a move on :running_man: