Fuel Tank Size?

I’ve looked at “My Cars” and pressed “Y” to toggle the stats, fuel tank size used to be there in previous games so I don’t know where to find it? Can someone please help me find where the information about fuel tank size is? Thanks for any advice/replies in advance!

If you drive with sim damage, you can during the race go to your damage telemetry (the furthest one on the right), and it shows you a % of fuel you have still in your car :wink:

To the best of my knowledge, there is no stated fuel tank size in Forza Motorsport 6.

It has been proven however that certain cars run out of fuel faster than others when you have Simulation Damage enabled but ultimately it’s not something you should worry about since you control the rules for Single Player and none of the Multiplayer Hoppers have damage enabled.

That does kinda suck but thanks for the help nonetheless! :slight_smile:

I upgraded a 2017 Ford GT for R class and raced it on monza for 8 laps… After 7 and a half laps I ran out of fuel and it was awesome. I know it’s not realistic and I know that a lot of people have complained about the fuel depreciation being too high, but it really adds an element of strategy to the game that we didn’t see in Forza 4. I then used my Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster and that had just under half the fuel remaining after 8 laps. Fuel is a big thing in this game and some cars last a lot longer than others.

I would imagine a heavily modded GT would get pretty terrible gas mileage, and 8 laps around Monza is pretty much non-stop wide open throttle. Plus I’d be willing to bet that car won’t hold much more than probably 15 gallons of gas… that might be pretty accurate! Hahaha

I’ve never seen fuel tank size listed in FM3, 4, 5, or 6.

And my series all run simulated damage. We have yet to see a disparity in fuel consumption.

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I really don’t know why we need to be concerned about fuel consumption in a game like Forza ! I can understand the relevance in a game like F1 2015 where all the FIA rules are applied to be game and you play as part of a team following team strategies bases on what other teams are doing in the race. But fuel consumption are tire degradation in say endurance are not relevant, as Forza is not really trying to replicate real-world racing scenarios, or are they??

It’s relevant to people running leagues (not what Turn 10 thinks “leagues” are, but actual racing series). Some of us are running endurance races in multiplayer.

I haven’t looked at the tank size and range of the FM6 cars, but I know in the real world when I’ve done track days I get less than 90 minutes from my Audi and less than an hour on my motorcycles. 8 laps from a car that gets abysmal milage in the real world is not surprising.

In previous games, the engine displacement was listed. I’ve never seen a fuel tank size in any FM game. I think this is what the OP is looking for. Anyone know how to find it without opening the hood on “full Vista” cars?


just under the number of gear you are there’s a line, that line come’s shorter and shorter. this is your fuel meter (kinda strange). better go take a pitstop before it runs out. i drove an endurance race and fell out of gaz in the last round. 44 laps. had to do my race over again. funny when i think back at it. hope i could help you out.

Yeah, that bar sucks, but they have added a % of fuel on the damage telemetry screen :wink:

Me and a friend did some fuel racing recently and discovered that bigger cars seemed to run for longer, an example is we ran e class cars on the Nurburgring long for 5 laps with sim damage and got quite a surprise with our findings, a Chevy bel-air is much better on fuel than a mk2 escort and now are planning to do further tests on the matter.