[FTC] Galleria Di Snooty - Old Photocomp Entries - 7/21/16

Hello everybody, my name is Snooty, or The Snooty One, or Cole if you’d prefer. Hopefully you enjoy. :slight_smile:

This space will be reserved for any competition wins or placements.

Turn 10’s Photocomp7 - Winner (Featured In Week In Review 10/30/2015)

vProCar’s Forza Italiano Photocomp - Second Place

Connectz’s Ferrari vs. Ford Photocomp - First Place (Tie with Nights Viper)

PTG’s Cover Car Photocomp - Fifth Place (out of nearly 30 entrants!)

Rickyboby’s Modified Cars Comp - First Place (Tie w/Viper, Korniis and Hooker)

I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Well, here’s what I’ve got…well, at least some of it. There’s more to come later in the week, I promise. Nothing fancy for now, but I’ll get some creative shots in there. I spent a lot of time leveling up…started this weekend as Driver Level 0 and got that all the way up to Level 44 so photos weren’t my focus this weekend. Nonetheless, photos.

September 20th, 2015 - Forza 6 Beginnings

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Very nice man!

I just read your bio and my hart stopped at the part of Doodley Squat… I was very active in the Forza4 days and he was one of the most enjoyable and active members back then, i left the forums around the end of 2013. I find it hard to believe that he’s not here any more, man that’s real sad…

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My personal favourite has to be the first one.

Love this shot! Great to see your work make a return :slight_smile:

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I gotta agree with everyone that is singling out the same photo. Good perspective and the color pops! A little more shutter speed would have done good, but even with that, it’s a great photo!

Terrific bio man, sorry about Doodely Squat. I never got to meet him unfortunately, I wasn’t in the community at the time. In hindsight I wish I joined a lot earlier than I did. But enough with the sadness, I must agree with everyone else about that one photo. I think it is very well done

Love this one… ready to race!

+1 Great work on this Snooty!

Killer shots!

This one’s my favorite!! Very nice work you got there bro!

wow, awesome shots

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments!

So like I said, there’s a couple extra photos I took that didn’t quite fit in with the Toyota set, so here’s a short installment until Sunday night (or Monday morning for some of you).

September 24, 2015 - Forza 6 Beginnings Extra

I also have two paints. The S3 is a work in progress and the Squire is available for download now.

That Nismo iDX shot is insane!!


That one by far is my favourite from the set

You’re warming up beautifully Snooty! Keep it up. I’ll be keeping an eye out for when you go a little nuts. Looking forward to that.

I also really like the IDx shot and that wagon is awesome!

Amazing work here for sure!