| FTC | vProCar's Photo Gallery - The Art of Californiacation [9/5/16]

Hello Everyone of the Forza Motorsport Community!

Some of you may remember me better as ProCarRacer13. < That was me for FM3

Anyways, I’ve decided to return to the forums again, to catch up on the current status of Forza and it’s forums.

I’ve done a few photo galleries in the past, mainly for FM4, so doing a FM6 gallery shouldn’t be too difficult.

This is my new FM6 gallery. Welcome!

I hope you enjoy the photo’s I provide.

Without further a-due, here’s my first batch of photos!

P.S. Criticism and/or pointers are welcome!

My Accomplishments

Photo Comp Winning Photos:

Photocomp4 Winner:

Photocomp15 Winner:

Photocomp16 Winner:

Photocomp21 Winner:

Other photo’s shared from big events:

2015 Halloween Bash Entry (Turn 10 Pick)


Love that as well as the first shot of the Mustang!


Thanks Viper!

Appreciate it.

Here’s a couple I snapped the other night.

Comments are welcome!

I like both!

Thanks again Viper!

Just got the new Logitech G Car Pack and I gotta say, it’s pretty awesome!

Just snapped some pics of a few of the new cars.

Let me know what ya think!

BTW, the XTS Limo is the most hilarious addition to any Forza game since the smart car in FM4. So random!

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What a lovely shot this is. The darkness to it is what makes it pop, ironically enough!

Thanks Robot!

Here’s a split set I’ve been working on with the Honda RA300 and the Infiniti Q60.

How’d you even do the Infiniti logo shot, looks amaazzinngg!!!

Magic :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks though

Just updated the winning photo’s section.

I finally snagged my first photocomp win of Forza 6!

Congrats on the win

I’m really liking that Caparo shot

well-deserved win, that shot is fabulous

Loving the Infiniti set!

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback.

I thought it was too. Thanks!

Glad you like my photos. More to come soon

Congrats on the win! Love this shot -

Really like the Infiniti shots.

This shot takes the word ominous to a whole new level, and the realism of those Honda shots are just unbelieveable :smiley: