FTC | Apparently God's Forzatography | 8/19 | Let 'Em Have It + Wins


The long wait is over! Forza Motorsport 6 is upon us and so is my FM6 gallery!

I’d like to start off by saying welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my gallery. I am Apparently God and this is my collection of Forza Motorsport 6 photos. Some of you may know me already but for those who aren’t familiar with me, you can check out my earlier work in my Forza Horizon 2 gallery or my Flickr gallery by clicking the links below. I hope you enjoy your stay and, as always, feedback is very much appreciated!

C O V E R ~ F E A T U R E

ForzaRC47 Entry


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C O N T E S T ~ E N T R I E S

Week 47

I’d love to get my hands on that Ford! Here’s hoping that one of these shots can make it so.

S P E C I A L ~ P H O T O S

FM6 Most Popular/T10 Pick - Launch Week

Explored on Flickr - 09/19/15

FM6 Photo Contest - Week 2 Winner

FM6 Photo Contest - Week 5 Winner

PTG Cover Car Photo Contest - 3rd Place

FM6 Photo Contest - Week 6 Winner

FM6 Photo Contest - Week 8 Winner

FM6 Photo Contest - Week 9 Winner

FM6 Photo Contest - Week 16 Winner

FM6 Photo Contest - Week 23 Winner

FM6 Photo Contest - Week 29 Winner

FM6 Photo Contest - Week 33 Winner

FM6 Photo Contest - Week 35 Winner

FM6 Photo Contest - Week 37 Winner

FM6 Photo Contest - Week 40 Winner

FM6 Photo Contest - Week 42 Winner

Absolutely stunning shot! Looking forward to seeing more from you if i can expect things like this :wink:

Great shots! Love that Viper one! And I swear I played with you on some game recently…

Great shots.

Fortunately you can now screenshot Forza 6 directly, so that you don’t have to flip 180 degrees and worry about logos :slight_smile:

If I was the computer system running Explore on Flickr. Then I would of chosen this shot, over shot number 1. But with that said, while I like the layout in shot 2. I reckon it would of looked better if the car was more in focus.

I’m bearing with you, please hurry up :slight_smile:

All three are beautiful and you’re killing us with the wait you know :wink:

Ah god man, that first shot has me like AH! it’s so rich and perfect, and that viper 0.0

The impatience is strong with this gallery. Great stuff :smiley:


@The Drunkn Munk - Thank you and I’d like to think you can :wink:

@Myatezhnik - I think it’s unlikely that we’ve played together before as the only online stuff I’ve done recently was FM6 during the early, early access. Also, thanks for the kind words!

@PJTierney - Thanks and I’m glad I can finally take advantage of that feature. I miss being able to move the watermarks like in FH2.

@Pebb - Sadly, I couldn’t get the car in focus while maintaining the light effects. The slower shutter speed blurs the car no matter how I focus on the it. Thanks for stopping by so soon!

@Insane Ridicule - Much appreciated! The finish on the AMG GT is stunning and especially so when mixed with the right lighting. Have to say, it’s one of my favourite cars right now.

@Nights Viper, thepigfarmer, The Snooty One - Thanks guys! Nice to see some familiar faces so soon :slight_smile: Let the waiting be over!

T H E . F I R S T . O F . M A N Y

Here it is! The first update of what will hopefully be a very extensive gallery.

Not much of a theme to this one as I was all over the place, exploring what the game had to offer. It’s a bit of a photo dump as I’ve been holding onto these for a while now. There’d probably be twice as many shots, though, had I not got carried away with ranking up and achievement hunting (over level 130 right now and have about two-thirds of the achievements unlocked). I’m just happy I finally get to share them with everyone!

Also, in case you haven’t seen it already, check out this awesome Forza retrospective video posted by XboxUK. There’s a couple of big name drops near the end :slight_smile:

Anyway, enough talking, more pictures!

And, keeping with tradition, here’s a bonus shot! I’m sure a couple of you guys may know where this is :slight_smile:

Cheers and I hope you’ll be back!

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Your first set is simply amazing as I expected it would be, you had me at those Viper shots.

I’m also really digging the atmosphere in the hellcat shots

those viper shots, i can’t even deal with how good they are

Absolutely love that 1st AMG GT-S shot!

Heavenly, top form as always sir :slight_smile:

Seriously stunning!!! And of course I know where that Ferris Wheel is (:

Those Viper shots and this -

Wow! Seriously good work AG, can’t wait to see whats next :slight_smile:

I like the chosen shutter speed and layout in this shot.


@KTVDS - Thanks! I wanted to play with the smoke a bit and what better car to do it in than the Hellcat?

@Nuvolari - Haha, thank you :slight_smile: Sebring provided some great night lighting for it!

@SFX Moustache - Yeah, that’s one of my favourites, too! I’m pretty happy to see it sitting atop the most popular gallery in FM6 still. Thanks for the comment!

@ThePigFarmer - I see what you did there. And I like it! Thanks a bunch!

@Lethal Drift - Thanks! I wish I had actually given it a go when I was there. Shame we don’t have anything like that in Vancouver.

@Nights Viper - I had a feeling you’d like those nighttime Viper shots at Sebring :wink: Thanks for stopping by!

@Pebb - Thank you :slight_smile: I’ve been working on balancing the shutter speed so as to keep the car in focus while maintaining a sense of speed. FM6’s photomode is definitely a change from FH2s!

N I G H T ’ S . N O T . O V E R

Little bit of a mix with this set. Some B&Ws, high exposure shots, and some vibrant high contrast stuff. Just a heads up, orange is about to be very much in!

I also managed to get an Explore on Flickr with the last shot :slight_smile:


Looks like Bond had some business to take care of in Sechelt…

I’d also like to add that you can find all of my photocomp entries and significant shots at the start of my gallery. Thanks for checking it out :slight_smile: