KTVDS - Gallery - Updated 07/14/16

Hi everyone and welcome to my Forza 6 photo thread!


Forza Horizon 2 Gallery


Photo Competition Wins:




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These are some of my first shots that I’ve taken

The sense of speed is very apparent, nice stuff KTVDS :slight_smile:

Thanks Snooty, been racing a lot so haven’t had time to stop the car and take pics haha

More photos to come today…

Great start KTVDS

I really like the second shot of the Ferrari!

Thank you both for the comments!

Awesome start!

Fantastic shot, this one.

Looking forward to seeing much more :slight_smile:


And this makes me happy

I love the action in shot 1. :slight_smile:

Love the three wet shots “oo, er, missus” the reflections work much better in this than FH2

This is beautiful! Also love the E39 shot!

Great shot!

thank you all for the wonderful comments

I promise to soon be taking pictures of cars that aren’t moving but I can’t help myself…

I really like the second shot!

There’s some very lovely stuff here

Thank you both for the visit

edit: failed vertical shot… why won’t it post properly :frowning:

You better tell NASA that the moon has failed us. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL i’ll be writing to them for sure