Game continues to disappoint me with all the glitches, crashes, problems. This could be a great game if not for all the troubles and time I have spent trying to get it to function smoothly. I have it installed my PC and it continues to crash at different times. Paid 100 bucks and am not happy. I have tried different hard drives, tried removing re installing several times. Sometimes the game won’t even start, just flashes for a second and back to desktop. Have to reset app and reboot for it to work. After completing a rival challenge, the game will just lock and exit to desktop. These are just a few examples of the MANY issues. This is not acceptable.

Here are my specs.

OS Windows 10
Architecture x64
Keyboard Integrated Keyboard
Mouse Integrated Mouse
DirectX DirectX 12 API, Hardware Feature Level 11
Memory 16 GB
Video Memory 8GB
Processor AMD 8350 4.0GHZ
Graphics Radeon VEGA 56 8GB

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the problem with it flashing the splash screen isn’t down to the game, it’s a problem with the MS store. To fix it, you can uninstall and reinstall one of the add-ons and if that doesn’t work, you can usually fix it by downloading any random free app from the store. You can also reset the store by opening a command prompt with admin privileges and typing wsreset.exe

I have an FX8350 but running an RX570 4gb. The game crashes on occasion, but usually when I’m browsing my garage, or trying to buy a car from the showroom, hopefully a patch will come soon. Last night it locked up on me on lap 3 of a 20 lap race, just glad it wasn’t 3 laps from the end instead… I’ve found that I’ve had to dial down my graphics settings to recommended with everything set to dynamic as there’s a VRAM leak which maxes out your GPU, at least in my experience.

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Here is something I found interesting to say the least.

I, like most others have a ssd hard drive, windows 10 and 16 GB of ram. I assume you have something similar if not the exactly the same. I’m not talking about where you have Forza 7 stored. I’m talking about using a SSD for windows 10.

Windows 10 does something which I think causes my stuttering problems in this game. By default win10 only uses 2gigs of pagefile. I’ve had odd stutter and random crashes to desktop at various points within the game with no rhyme or reason. Another oddity was that it would got “stuck” while loading. The only fix was to use RamMap and empty “Stanby List” and “Modified Page List” and when I tabbed back into game the loading would finish and I was at the next track.

Enough of that as that was rare and a Forza 7 revision ago. So far, increasing the pagefile manually from default 2,XXX GB to 4096 GB seems to have helped remove the stutter.

Just curious, and I mean no disrespect… But why do some people run these high-graphics intense games on a PC?

I just can’t see spending thousands of dollars on a gaming PC when I can get a console for $500. It boggles my mind…

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I don’t have what you’d call a high-end machine, but I use mine for business purposes (I’m a semi-pro photographer and news reporter) so I need my PC for more than just gaming. What’s more, I have a PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and a Wii… I can’t justify ANOTHER console lol

My wife and daughter both play the consoles (I do too with PS4 exclusive titles), but only I play games on my PC, so no matter who happens to be watching TV or playing on the numerous other consoles, I can plug my headphones into my PC and game away… That’s why.

Also, my PC was built on a budget of less than an XB1X costs, because I used spare parts from other PCs that I had lying around. The only new bits were the CPU which was around $100 and the GPU which was around $200

That makes sense… I didn’t consider “competition” from others in the household… I live alone… on a desert island… millions of miles away from civilization… (thank God for Amazon!)

Lots of reasons – better performance (i.e. I am running Forza at ~90fps,) access to more games not available on console, KB/mouse controls for some games, and generally better graphics…

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Because you can do a lot more with a PC. It’s not just for gaming. And also personal choice. See it as a hobbie.

I find it more convenient having all my games in one machine that can (in most of cases) run games better than consoles.

I can watch Netflix, YouTube and other multitasking at the same time better than in a console too. Choice of customization both in internal hardware, peripherals and games.

Gaming monitors are way better than most hyper-expensive tv’s too, often for a fraction of the cost.

Also… STEAM.

Also… retro games you cannot get on consoles anymore, mostly from the PS1, Xbox and PS2 era. (See STEAM).

Also… cheaper games, modern or old, that run better and are mod compatible.

All my art and design programs are in the same machine too.

All in all, there is nothing better than to pick parts, put your machine together and enjoy the end result. Not to mention you can always upgrade parts. Expensive? Well, that depends on how much you value something. I thought the same as you until I started tinkering with computers. I never went back to consoles.

I’ve spent thousands yes, but every moment has been a blast. Totally worth more than just having a stupid box that I can do nothing with (as in modifying or upgrading) , while it gathers dust in my Living room.

Consoles feel like toys to me. Or at least pointless for anything else but exclusives which I still love in some cases (if they are not available on PC, that is).

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Ha! If I had to spend what it takes to keep up with console revisions, I’d never afford any games. The last major rebuild of my PC was several years ago… whenever the FX-6350 price-dropped the first time… I think the Xbox One had only been announced. Motherboard/Processor/RAM upgrade for about $400 gets you a good few years if you upgrade your GFX card in-between. It’s got me through Skyrim, Fallout 4, Horizon 3, and seems to be doing okay with FM7. Well, buggy as everyone else it seems.

I’m right in the middle of the specs too; AMD FX-6350 (six-core OC’d to 4.2ghz), 8GB DDR3 1866, XFX RX-470 4Gb. Game defaults to pretty good settings. IIRC there isn’t too much under the hood that’s different from Horizon 3, so it’s not a major push… Compare any console release title to a later release and you’d see the same - compare Gran Tourismo 3 to Shadow of the Colossus, both PS2 games.

Like anybody else, I’m just seeing silly wastes of resources. I could care less about helicopters and moving camera booms, especially when they make the game stutter at the crucial point in nearly every turn on every track in the game. If it’s raining or at night, well… It’s a beautiful 3fps at least…

Yeah the very latest top end, expensive hardware isn’t neccessary for pc gaming. I built my system almost 7 years ago and its still going strong (love the 2500K cpu) all I’ve added in that time is a ssd and new graphics card. Sheer brute strength may help in unoptimized games like this though.

Dont forget the ultra lame confetti cannons too, always caused me stutter in the demo and FM6 Apex.

I feel like you may have been out the PC hardware scene for a while. Nowadays, you don’t need 1000 dollar PCs to do graphic-intense games. I run a moderate 700 USD machine that runs Forza 7 on Ultra just fine. What you are referring are 4K machines, which I agree, are completely ridiculous at this point. But for all intents and purposes, a PC at the price of a console will be stronger than the console, no matter what.

I imagine so. I’ve got the one x, I’ve seen it lag in major car pile ups, such as first turn fiasco😁

My Forza 7 PC setup.

I do have an XB1, but since Forza has come to PC and I can get something functional for the screens, it’s the most immersive way to drive.

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This is because the CPU is barely better than the xbox one. Still weaksauce, while they upped the GPU to ~1070.


Must fix

That’s FM7 on screen. I’m not aware of any way to adjust FOV in FM7?

Triples in FM7 just span the 3 monitors, its not triple in the true sense.

In anycase, what Im referring is your monitors themselves on the left and right.

You need to adjust their angles, as well as bezels.

Each sim generally has its on calculator but the one linked is pretty decent to get your angles sorted etc.

Understood on FM7s implementation of multiple monitor support.

Will get around to tidying up everything.

Photo taken at the point I had just mounted the monitors and plugged in the cables.

I’d spent the weekend dismantling, building and rearranging and figured I would have a drive after days of work (also why I missed out on getting EmuWheel sorted so far).

Adjusting monitor placement for bezels and angles is quite fiddly, as I will need to unplug and remove the monitors to adjust them. On my radar to do when a weekend presents itself (tough this side of silly season).

Rig build is far from complete, but it’s functional and enjoyable at least.

PC Gaming is a hobby. There are many games only available on PC. True racing simulators like iracing, Flight Simulators etc… A high end PC is far superior to any console out there if you have the cash to get one.

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It appears they don’t care. The games been broken since launch, most posts regarding crashes still have “investigating” tag on them. I would get a refund but I think its been too long for that…

Oddly enough, yesterday the game wouldn’t start from my desktop short cut numerous times, so In the end I started it from within the Xbox app instead with no problems.

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