Just talked 2 a few friends who have traded in horizon2 4 forza5 again ’ the problem they are having is when on freeroam u cant just pull up 2 a event and choose the class you want the event 2 start in . They are finding it hard the way you have set things out ! a lot of them are so used to going on
line choosing a class and having a race plz could you make it this way . Its great if you only want 2 do leaderboard! but not if you want 2 do single events… plz feel free 2 comment

I have both games, no problems here

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I don’t mind how online freeroam is set up, but there are 3 lame scenarios that can crop up:

-Freeroam sessions = empty.

-Freeroam sessions = chock full, but no one wants to race.

-Freeroam sessions = full, but they’re just doing x-class drag over and over, no one joining/launching anything else (even other classes of drag).

The alternative online mode, roadtrips, are fun but I prefer freeroam. I dislike the scoring system in online roadtrips, and the fact you don’t have a chance to relax like you do in freeroam, it’s 100% go-go-go.

I’d say my online experience has been overwhelmingly positive, all things considered :smiley:

Could somebody translate this into English for me?

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IMO online free roam is a total joke. 90% of the time the host sets up a race with all classes allowed and everyone is in X Class cars. Even worse unless I’m missing something it’s not possible to have more than one event in progress at a time, therefore if you don’t join in with the five year olds that max upgrade every car in their garage you don’t race. Horizon 2 is a very good game otherwise but the online features are a total mess.

The host can do exactly what you are suggesting is not possible so not sure if I am missing something.

Exactly. As the host for my streamed events, I am able to set the race parameters how I see fit and am committed to defined car class races with circuit events that last more than 2 or 3 laps. Tough luck for your friends, but you can build up your Xbox Live friend’s list and have all kinds of fun in the private free roam mode.