Freeroam Rush

I bought Forza Horizon 4 mostly to play online and the announcement of Leagues was a big appeal for me.

As I played a ton of FH2 and FH3, when I started to play racing Team Adventure in FH4, I was shocked by the Freeroam Rush races. I was shocked that they are part of all races of a Team Adventure, ranked or none-ranked! I just hate those races and I simply cannot play Team Adventure anymore - the main reason I bought this game!

I feel that I have been misled and fooled because I watched a ton of information before deciding buying the Ultimate Edition. I watched official streams, I played the demo and I never got informed about such a fundamental change on the online format compared with FH2 and FH3! If there is such a change, I feel the devs have the obligation to announce it! Because if I only found it out when I was playing, now I have a £80 game that I cannot play it!!

I contacted support to get a refund but, because in the past I received a refund of another game, I cannot be refunded for paying £80 for a game that I cannot play now!

I also hate the team-based format and I was expecting and would prefer the XP championship system of FH2 and FH3, but I can leave with it. Freeroam Rush as a main race of a championship, I cannot accept it or play!

I just want my money back, as this was not properly communicated. I thought Forza had learned with the VIP episode and would make things clear. I know this time there was not a misleading text description but, such a fundamental change without being properly communicated, is also misleading and fooling the community!

Since I got a day 1 Xbox One, I bought Forza 5 (on that day one), Forza Horizon 2, Forza 6, Forza Horizon 3, Forza 7 and now Forza Horizon 4. I hated the VIP episode and if they don’t properly address the community feedback on Freeroam Rush or I don’t get a refund, I will never buy a Forza game! This is not the way to treat your fans!

If you want a refund you need to contact the retailer you bought it from and that is not here

I bought it digitally on Microsoft Store on Windows 10. It’s Microsoft who’s denying me the refund although it was Microsoft/developers who misled me! I know I won’t get a refund by posting here, although I need to complain somewhere! Attention: I much rather prefer Freeroam Rush to be removed and Team Adventure like FH2 and FH3 then getting a refund! But if not, I would like to have my money back!

I quite enjoy Free roam Rush even though I’m not very good at it.

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You hate free roam rush, but liked the XP system of old where you could skill your way to a win, without even finishing a race… You could also take advantage of XP boost from forzathon or boards. Ok.

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I played hundreds of hours of FH2 and FH3 and I don’t know, in Team Adventure, how could you win a championship without finishing a race. Allow me to suggest that you are making a confusion here.

I also said in my first post that, despite I prefer the XP system of Team Adventure in FH2 and FH3, I can leave with this team based championship. The only thing I cannot leave with is the Freeroam Rush.

The point of this thread is not why I dislike Freeroam Rush or not - that I would post in the Discussion section. I know it’s an opinion not liking Freeroam Rush and I know there are people who like it, despite I’m convinced that the majority of the community don’t like it, based in the feedback I’m reading (I’m on this subject!).

The point of this thread is that I feel that I’ve been misled. Microsoft offers content for pre-ordering, you love a franchise and a game that I spent thousands of hours on all Forza games I’ve listed before. I was planning to spent hundreds of hours playing this game so I didn’t want to miss out on content and pre-ordered the Ultimate edition. However, the point of this thread is that they didn’t announce such a fundamental change, compared with previous games, of that Freeroam Rush being a main race of all championships on Team Adventure!!! This is the point of this thread! This and the fact that, despite feeling misled and fooled, the refund is denied to me! Again, I would prefer Freeroam Rush to be removed than getting the money back! But if the first is not possible, give me the second!