Forza Horizon 4 Critique - Opinions on Various Aspects of Gameplay

I want to start off by saying that this game is amazing. It is a proper next game in the Horizon series. Regardless of what I’m about to say, I genuinely believe this is a Forza Horizon 3, but better.

My first problem with this game: Incorporating teams into ranked races

To me, this makes absolutely no sense. Considering there is no way to effectively work as a team when it comes to 2 teams of drivers racing, it is nonsensical to split racing events into 2 teams. Racing (without taking into account real life motorsports with pit crews) has always been an individual event. It is you vs everybody else, a free-for-all. When you make an event that is supposed to be a free-for-all into a team event, it ruins the competitive aspect. Your individual performance has less meaning. Rankings have tremendously less meaning than they had in Forza Motorsport 7. Telling someone your league now has no purpose, as it doesn’t reflect how good of a driver you are. Because of this, I cannot enjoy ranked play. But this problem isn’t limited to ranked play; it also extends to the normal “racing only” playlist. In horizon 3, I always dreaded the team races in the adventure playlist. Now, those team races are the only somewhat competitive form of pvp racing in this game. I will admit, however, that team events are a lot less frustrating when it isn’t part of league play.

My second problem: PR Stunts and the 4 Seasons

I discovered this frustrating problem earlier today, during the winter season. I was trying to 3-star all speed zones. I tried to do one of them, but I simply couldn’t. I couldn’t even tie my previous record that I set in the summer or autumn seasons, since the roads were so slippery. This is why I believe the roads where there are PR stunts such as drift zones, speed zones, and the roads somewhat near speed cameras should be cleared. i noticed that some random roads are cleared, providing the same level of traction that you’d have during any of the other seasons. But for some reason, the majority of the speed zones are covered with snow, meaning that I have to wait until a different season to set a PR at those stunts. This is an easy fix, and it would make the process frustration-free

My third problem: No championships

This problem really kills the game’s replayability. After completing all races. I have almost nothing left to complete in this game. In Horizon 3, to be a completionist, I had to complete a championship at each exhibition event. This made me come back to the game time and time again, to chip away at the massive numbers of races I had to complete. This isn’t the case anymore. There is a lot less to do now because of this.

My fourth problem: Rarity of FE Cars

Another thing that kept me playing horizon 3 so much was my desire to collect all Horizon Edition cars (now named Forza Edition cars). Because they were so hard to obtain, I had to spend a ton of money on the auction house, or get lucky with a wheelspin. This meant that I could also sell them for a lot on the auction house if I got duplicates, and when I obtained one, it felt a lot more rewarding. In this game, the FE cars that you get from the shop have almost zero value. I still collect them, but the FE cars that are available in the shops have a lot less value since everybody has them.

These are my problems with this game, as amazing as it is. I’d like to hear what you guys think.

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