Free Gift Car - La Ferrari :o(

Normally I would not mind if Turn 10 decided to gift me a La Ferrari but they did to two days after I bought one in game after saving up credits for quite a while. As Forza 5 has no way to sell cars I am now left with two!

Anyone else had this happen, pretty annoying.

A lot of people were gifted the Lotus E21 twice.
It’s picking up dust now in my garage.

I was gifted both the Lotus E21 and LaFerrari and none of them is left in my garage :slight_smile:

I had a similar thing happen. I brought the E21 then about a week later I got it as a gift.

im confused would you rather them gift the car everyone else and just give you nothing.

its a free car if you don’t want/appreciate it remove it you’ve gained nothing but you’ve lost nothing.

I’ve only received one gift car since the day of release so be happy you got it at all.

be thankful you got them I have not been gifted any cars and I have finished all the races in the game

What was the la Ferrari gift for?

Buying the LaFerrari DLC pack.