Didn't get the Lotus E21

Hello again, I have an understanding that everyone who brought the day one edition of Forza 5 got the Lotus E21 as a gift but I didn’t get it, I have also heard that you needed to buy the VIP package to get this car but I have friends that didn’t purchase the VIP package with the game and still got this car, could you please send the car to my game please, my gamertag is JackOLantern53

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Maybe I will do that because I actually got 2 free Lotus E21’s.

Gifting cars is possible now?

Do turn10 actually reply to there topics or is it just for the community

Day one edition includes 2010 Audi TT RS Coupe, 2013 Ford Focus ST, and 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera, no Lotus.

(I’m basically responding to all the above posts. Keep in mind my memory of how this massive mess went down is a little blurry; my apologies if something I say isn’t accurate.)

The Lotus E21 was an ‘apology’ car for those who had the game at, or very shortly after launch time. If a person already had the E21, a Ferrari 250 GTO was gifted as well. I’m assuming you missed the time window for that promotion, therefore you will not be gifted either of those cars.

Shortly after the promotion ended the servers glitched, and for several people, they got a 2nd E21 on accident. T10 simply allowed this and did not make any attempts to fix this ‘issue’ by removing the cars.

Last time I checked, player to player gifting of cars, tunes, and even paints was removed from FM5.

Many T10 staff read these forums, and several are relatively active on them.

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This is indeed the case. I will add that I received my Day 1 edition Xbox and FM5 LCE for Christmas and didn’t activate it until right around the new year. It took a while to get access to the VIP/LCE content because I had assumed that because I had the crown next to my name and was earning the bonus VIP credits that it was installed. However once I went to purchase a LCE car, I could not do so. It turned out that it did not download after scanning the code so I had to go into the store and download/install the VIP and LCE content from there. A few days after I did this I had several gifts in my message box that included the Halo Mustang, VIP Lexus and the Lotus E21. MXR Jake might be correct in that the window to get awarded the E21 has closed by now because I seem to remember there being a disclaimer somewhere about some gifts only being available for a limited time, but mine came in early January so it’s worth a shot to go into your game management menu for FM5 and make sure the VIP and LCE content is actually installed.

I purchased VIP a couple days back and got a free lotus e21 but the thing is I already had the e21 that I earned so I thought I was supposed to get the ferrari 250 gto instead so if the admin here could send me the right car that would be appreciated (this is what the xbox help guy told me to do) my gamer tag is Queen ov Spades

The 250 GTO offer ended in November:

Hello Admin, I was explained to by a person from turn 10 that if I requested my Free Lotus E21 here on the forum I would recieve one as a gift. I am one of the unfortunate few who had never received one and would certainly like to have one, if you could please see your way to sending me one it would be very much appreciated. My gamer tag is BOBmarleyDANK. Thank you in advance.

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Dear admin, I am aware that my long dated gamer tag is a bit inappropriate and could be considered offensive by some. I am however planning to change it very soon as it no longer represents the person I am today. That being said, I would still like an answer to my previous question if you would. Thank you.

FYI, they’re not admins, they’re forum moderators. They can’t send you anything because they’re not T10 employees, just volunteers. I also believe the whole E21 gifting promotion is over, so I’d just let it be.

Oh, and make sure you get that GT figured out before an XBL Mod takes notice as well… And Dragnet isn’t normally in such a good mood to just give a warning, so I’d be quite honored if I were you. : P

Yakov Alfa, thank you for your response, I suppose you are right I should just let it be and earn my lotus to make it all the more rewarding. Thank you dragnet for bring to my attention the problem with my gamertag, I will mend the issue as soon as I have the extra money, unless of course there is some way to change it free of charge. Again thank you for your guidance.

I believe you can change your gamer tag in the Xbox one settings, although I’ve not tried this myself it should help you with one of your issues.

I got day one edition and i never got thee lotus e21 either and im a hardcore forza and f1 fan

The Day One Edition did not include the VIP pack. The Lotus was a gift for players with the VIP pack (either part of the Limited Edition, or purchased from the Store).

Yes I also didn’t get the lotus e21 and I got the game when it first came out if u could send me one I would really appreciate it my gamer tag is Soundwave1971

Can someone tell me why did not get loutish e21 I thought everyone got them as a gift

Read the earlier posts gentlemen…