Free ford le man's car

I never received one why. ?

Me too.

I’m still wating for it

Did you checked your xbox live message box, the code was sent by Xbox and not from Turn 10.

If you didnt got a message from xbox with your code, then you have to contact the Xbox support. Only they can help you.

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i also have not gotten my code for the GTLM. i got the one for the Fallout 4 car but not the one i actually want.
so i have contacted 3 areas of Xbox support with no help from any of them.
are you sure its an Xbox issue and not a turn 10 issue?

I get the feeling if you didn’t get it yet then there is something wrong. Someone else in a similar topic said they contacted Xbox support and got it… still sucks to have to do that. Someone else said it’s already on the Market. Not sure what that means because I got a code on the second day.

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I contact the Xbox Support. (I live in Germany).

They told me that they cant help me.

I have to open a new topic in the Xbox Support Forum.
There they told me that they cant help me too.
They write me that I can try it in the english forum of Xbox.

But still now I have no answer.

It seems that we will not get our Codes.

Since the codes were sent by xbox directly only xbox support can help you
There’s been quite a few threads exactly like this
most of them have received their codes by contacting xbox support
Have you definitely checked your xbox live messages
They dont disappear unless you delete them

it seems even they can’t help. i have tried 3 different areas of Live support and have gotten exactly nothing.
the one person, that i saw, that got their code, did it through twitter. i don’t have a twitter account and i don’t plan on ever making one. there should be another way to get the code.

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I think we have to buy it with real money or do nothing.

But I’m not sure if I will buy the next part of FM…

I Dont receive any Code. That frustrated me.

Read the other responses

so i finally got my code last night. someone on the support forum PM’d me with my code. it seem there was a flood of posts after i posted with people not getting their code. one reply to many of those posts was that they weren’t done sending the codes out yet. i think many people just got missed for whatever reason.

I got an anwer. They wright to me to post on Monday.
I wait and I it happend nothing I open a new post on the xbox Forum.