fps and V-Sync

First off my rig:

16GB of DDR3 Ram
GTX 970
144Hz BenQ xl2411z monitor

So I wanted to play Apex at above 60 fps to take advantage of my 144Hz monitor. I got into the game and by monitoring my FPS with Dxtory I noticed it never reaches above 72 fps (which is conveniently half of 144). I drop some settings, restart the game but nope. I drop even more settings and now I’m running it a low on all settings, does it go above 72 fps?


My theory is it’s impossible to play at your native Hz if your have a 144Hz monitor, the game limits your fps to half of that.

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I cannot say about 144Hz monitor but I get a stable 60FPS @ 4k

the game will not run faster than 60fps, there is hidden vsync I think and no support for Freesync 144hz screens.

Clearly it will if I get 72 fps. I’m not using Freesync and if there was vsync it would run above 60fps on a 144Hz monitor because vsync syncs the fps to the Hz of your monitor.

Unless you cant actually hit 144fps, then it will lock at half the refresh rate, ie: 72fps

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The game is running with V-Sync enabled while in full screen. If you are running your monitor at 144hz, the game is struggling to maintain 144fps, so it locks at half the refresh rate. That is why you are seeing 72fps. This is common V-Sync behaviour. Try playing in windowed mode and monitor the fps that way. I will play the game this evening for the first time and monitor performance.

Hey Prime, I am having the same issue! I have that same Monitor and a gtx970 overclocked as well. When im playing the game it caps at 72fps, but yet my gpu usage is around 35% according to MSI afterburner (which is the best way to monitor what the game is doin to your pc). Im a long time PC player! So im used to issues like this when a game is a port from consoles. I even disabled vsync in the drivers and still no change to the fps. Then I looked into the config files to see if I can change it Manually but to my surprise (and for the first time ever) Microsoft encrypts the config files so you cant change them!!! I would imagine this is a practice they have on the xbox and for good reasons, but they shouldnt do this on the pc, especially since they messed up, capping my fps. All I want, is to use 100% of my gpu and be able to see more frames since I am running a 144hz monitor (and there is a big difference). So to answer you, Prime, for now we only get 72fps…Maybe when the next full version of Forza comes out, they will fix this. Oh and Maybe they will fix the Hi amount of PageFile the game uses as well ( 11 gigs of pagefile just for this game is ridiculous)

Ok you guys have the same setup as I do, 4690k,gtx 970,16 gigs of ram, and I can’t get it to hold 60 fps, averages 55 to 57 with blips in either direction. I am playing on a 1080p tv. No reason for not locking at 60 with utilization at 50% or less.

Any ideas to help a fellow frustrated gamer out.

There is a reason… its called CPU BOUND.

I turned V-Sync off in Nvidia, and it seemed to work for a little while holding 60 fps, then after about an hour of doing races it started to dip lower and lower, it would then start averaging less than 60 and dipping to around 55. Something is wonky in the game.