PC version limited to 60fps?

Is there any way to unlock the PC version from it’s 60fps cap? I have a 165hz G-sync monitor and a GTX 1080 so I’d like to be able to play FM7 at above 60hz.

•Unlocked framerate is currently not supported in the Forza Motorsport 7 demo but will be available with a future update.

Taken from the list of know issues that is pinned in this forum.

I recommend having a look at it. Some useful stuff. :slight_smile:

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  1. change vertical frequency from 60 to 120 or 144 Hz in Windows or NVIDIA or AMD-ATi settings
  2. start game and change “60 fps” to “60 fps vsync” in video → advanced settings. you get not 60 fps real despite “60 fps vsync” but yes 120 fps real at 120 Hz or 144 fps real at 144 Hz - we get pure smooth motion!! Enjoy!! :smiley:

I did the dynamic display and the benchmark on the demo had average of 80 FPS. Not sure if in game I would get that but at least the benchmark was able to identify capabilities above 60 FPS.

I just figured out this game doesn’t support 165 hz monitors yet…

I had hardcore lags and freezings now I changed to 60 hz and it works fine just bit unoptimized.

I will try if 120, and 144 hz works and report back, but as of yet 165 hz in windows made it all lag hardcore!

OK after some tests, game is unplayable for me both in menu and ingame, freezes and stutters HARD.

165 hz > broken

144 hz > broken

120 hz > broken

60 hz > working

I was using 1080 @144Hz fwiw

and you don’t have crazy lag/freezing and stuttering?

I can’t do shit if i go above 60 hz on my 165 hz acer predator monitor…

when that’s being said I think the steering feels weird using an xbox controller on PC, feels like I can’t do any turns, much much slower than horizon 3.

Overall forza horizon 3 runs 100% better for me atleast, FM7 demo feels heavy and unoptimized :confused:

Played the demo without issue but made sure I had latest nvidia driver downloaded before attempting. High end pc only used for racing so not many things installed that could create conflicts.

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Cuz I have newest nvidia update aswell for my 1080 ti (using geforce experince)

And closed all other programs that could [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] so it’s weird how you can play it using over 60 hz… since I can’t… I also get lags at 60 hz but not as much as when I use higher…

and that’s on a high end PC aswell

Weird but I’ve seen others complaining. Could be the monitor as I’m using lower spec monitor since my racing is usually in VR with Rift.

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yeah mine is Acer Predator XB271HU 27" 165 hz in 1440p

Tried 120Hz but I got only 60 fps. You try 100 Hz for we get 100 fps. :smiley: