Forzathon Daily Challenges that expire before their stated limit

Last week there was a daily photo challenge - take a picture at the start of a Trailblazer. This had the usual 7 day expiry, however, as it was not the first daily challenge, it could only be completed before the end of the series (3 days), as the said trailblazer was removed from the map at the start of Series 6, at which time the challenge supposedly had 4 days left to be completed.

I often do the remaining daily challenges after the series has ended because I don’t have the time to play the game every day, and some of them require a car to be acquired. As I don’t care to play the Trial, in order to get enough points to get the reward cars, I need to complete every other challenge. Last week I ended up one point short. As it happens, I already have the Honda reward car, but I may not be so lucky next time.

So, Playground Games, if you have items in the game for a limited time, please make sure the challenges linked to them have a similar time limit. In this case, it would have been sensible to have the photo challenge on the first day of the season, thus allowing the full 7 days to complete it.